Last Nights Movies 04.11.2016

On the even of Guy Fawkes night and dealing with a terrible gastro problem I was so happy to end the week and finally get my hair washed and head down to do a bunch of nothing for the weekend. So as i needed a quiet night I decided to stick with some golden oldies…

the-room-tommy-wiesauThe Room (2003) I adore this film, it’s certainly one of the most impressive worst films of all time. It is the dictionary definition of being so bad it’s actually good. I first discovered Tommy Wiseau on Space Ghost Coast to Coast and didn’t really believe that he was a director but a character that was so bizarre, the bonus is that they promised to play the film the first time they played the intro then cut and went to a different film as it was April fools, the next time they played the first 2 seconds and then switched to regular programming as it was “too much”. Anyway jokes asides I managed to dig out a copy and I adore how hard Tommy tried, not necessarily in learning his own lines but those retro b movie sex scenes and the creepiness is on par with great performances such as Orson Welles LMAO, I think Tommy describes the film as being like Tennessee WIlliams, hot and steamy?? The film is supposed to be about a successful banker called Johnny and his bitch of a girlfriend who plays his hard. I do struggle to work out where the title comes from but what I am certain about it that this is all about the spoons and I took a few packets of plastic spoons with me when I went to see this in Soho for my birthday this year. No matter what you’re into, take some time out and see the Room and this is coming from someone who never recommends films. You might also want to check out a few youtube vids on the room.7/10

trainspotting toiletTrainspotting (1996) I haven’t watched this film since the 90’s, the book played a big part of my life and I read it ages before the film came out. I think I might still have the school libraries copy on my shelf.. *ahem* but the film, despite being much weaker than the book, was still quite a brilliant thing to behold, something that sidestepped what we believed was “good film making” and in a similar way to the book it approached things in a need to know basis, each scene was created around what was happening. In the same way that the book was written I suppose. So many directors around the time were being experimental at the time and it was a golden era for films but this is one which is still strong. So the film surrounds a group of drugged up rejects as they try to get by in life, centering on Rent Boy (Ewan McGregor) who makes attempts to make something of his life while everyone around his gets obliterated in nasty ways, eventually his parents lock him away to get the drugs out of his system and he moves to london but sadly his remaining friends all turn up still dragging him down. Despite the dark nature of the film it’s highly comedic and really jettisoned the careers of ALL the cast and director Danny Boyle. I’m still not sure if part 2 can hold up to the greatness of this original film but I do have everything crossed for it to be something awesome.. It’s been a long time and we need.9/10

movies-ghost-dog-way-samuraiGhostDog (1999)
I have probably prattled on about this movie many many times as it really is a life changing one for me, I saw it’s release but missed it at two local indie cinemas we had at the time, but eventually (many years  later) i got it on DVD and was blown away. In one aspect it’s hard to watch as the underlying racism in the movie really cuts and the story does play out like a more traditional Samurai story, and let’s face it they rarely have a happy ending. But so much about this Jim Jarmusch  film is a masterpiece. It incorporates a lot of his classic ideas and quirks, driving around at night looking at urban landscapes being one of my favourites. So Ghostdog is a lone black man who is regularly hired out by the Italian Mafia, he lives a peaceful life in a shack on the roof of a building with his pigeons. As a teen he was once saved by a mobster who he now considers himself to be his retainer. After a job doesn’t go quite to plan, the mob are soon on the heels of Ghostdog. The character is stunning and played by the brilliant Forest Whitaker, his friends comprise of Raymond (who doesn’t speak english but they “communicate”) and a girl who attaches herself to him Pearline, but the lone samurai was quite inspirational to me and many others. The Urban Samurai movement is a thing and many more are reading and getting life guidance from many ancient scripts. The OST, compiled by RZA is strangely fitting and crosses over many “black” genres. I honestly can’t find anything wrong with this film. 10/10

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