Last nights movies 07.11.2016

I totally aced my movie record last night, I got home from work early as I was feeling unwell and stayed up late feeling equally unwell and managed to fit in a ridiculous amount of movies…

m-imperiumI started the evening with Imperium (2016) – I had little faith in Daniel Radcliffe being a skinhead but as an undercover cop kinda skin he seemed a little more plausible. But there was this nagging feeling that he was out of place, a lot of people has issues with Tom Hanks  being a gangster in Road to Perdition (2002) but I had no problem with that but this… just didn’t gel right. Still it tells an interesting if predictable story, but it tells it well. Without being over dramatic and focusing in on being purely offensive for vulgarity’s sake.Undercover work never seemed to basic. Still it’s another film to portray racists as the ridiculous eejits that they really are, and couldn’t have come at a better time.. For now it’s sit comfortable at 6/10 but I’m still forming a formal opinion on it.

GladiatorGladiator (2000) okay I didn’t watch this one all the way through…but I have watched this film to death over the years and it’s on my top list… for now… but that list does need a revision. It’s surprising after all these years how fresh some of the scenes are. The arrival into rome all the CGI rose petals and pleased peasants. I always feel that I need to toast Oliver Reed  as this was his exit film but not his best, I dunno if it’s me but I always want to watch The Devils (1971) after this ….

abandonedBut I didn’t.. Next up was The Abandoned (2006), I have so many ideas about the timeline of this film, the first time I watched it i think I missed some of the complexity, the second time I watched it, was just out of bravado as some of the creepy “dead versions” of the twins just freaked me out a little but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s purely the evil from their father that resonates in the house that is keeping their deaths in a never ending repetitive cycle. Full review is already on the blog, and post discussion coming soon, and the honourable mention is to check out one of the earliest films from director Nacho Cerdà.5/10.


Drive Angry (2011) -I’m now watching this film and it’s boring as hell, as i predicted ages ago.. I really don’t like having to watch Nicolas Cage as he’s terrible in everything other than Raising Arizona (1987) that is brilliant. Anyway Nick Cage escapes hell to save his grandbaby but Satan has sent a henchman to get him back.. Without watching the end I can only imagine yet another battles and Cage wins the day but goes back to hell.. *yawn* lots of explosions and epic car shit going on, similar to Max Max Shitty Road but just lots of meh, the only thing holding it together for me is William Fichtner.. FINE AS FUCK! For now it’s shitting at 2/10.

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