Great laughs in Films Vol.1

Despite how much I loathe comedy I do like a good giggle usually at the wrong moment during a disturbing movie..

amadeus01.Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAmadeus (1984)

 For anyone who knows me, this is something that you’ll hear whenever I find something REALLY funny, generally my laugh falls between Amadeus and Baby from House of 1000 Corpses (2003) (yeah I am that embarrassing). But this high pitched and comically infectious laugh is so distinctive and is one of the most memorable features of this classical  tragedy.

house-of-1000-corpses02.BabyHouse of 1000 Corpses (2003) 

Annoying but easily mimicked by myself and many other fans of Zombies movies. The Baby character often puts on a when torturing her victims, it’s honestly like nails down a chalkboard.

perfect-blueaofa04.RumiePerfect Blue (1997)

SPOILER This amazing animated film is pure Hitchcock, but when shit kicks off and the killer announces her own presence, she dresses up as her idol and chases her through the streets, manically laughing, it’s possibly the creepiest laugh on this list.

predator-film05.Predator Predator (1987)

Much thanks to @the80movieclub for this, as I was struggling.. And I feel so silly as this is one of my all time favourite scenes in any sci fi film. So after being exposed to the face of the “ugly motherfucker” of an alien who turns Arnie into a punching bag, the tables turn and just before the alien sets off his bomb he mimics the belly laugh of the dead comrade Billy, in a mocking way this laugh comes off in a sinister fashion.

the long good friday bob hoskins06.Bob Hoskins – Long Good Friday (1988)

This is one of those curious laughs that could soon to turn into tears,  and Hoskins manages to put off perfectly with this cautious barrel laughs that carries on longer than is comfortable at the end of this gritty British drama,  everything comes to a Crux at the end of a very long gang war and it’s chilling as it is entertaining.

legend07.Darkness – Legend (1985)

An outstanding cult classic fantasy film has the most iconic bad guy who is often mistaken as being the Devil, but instead this guy is the Darth Vader of the fairy kingdom and has an overlord… but being acted and voiced by Tim Curry who has an amazing baritone is utilized in several magnificent laugh scenes, all different but equally memorable.

gremlins08.GremlinsGremlins (1984)

Okay this film still terrifies me, mostly as I don’t like small creatures with tons of teeth laughing at me while they are killing me, and these little fuckers like to laugh. There little inane giggles can be heard during the carnage and mayhem they whip up during this hellish christmas horror.

who-framed-roger-rabit-weasels09.Weasels Who framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

The weasels are the slow muscle in this film, the bad guy uses them for all the odd jobs and they aren’t too smart but they are effective but their weakness is laughing… and it’s so chronic that it’s eventually used as a weapon against them, yep gangster weasels killed with laughter..

se7en laughter morgan freeman10.Somerset Se7en (1995)

Mid way through this film the two chalk and cheese detectives actually start getting on, Somerset (Morgan Freeman) gets invited to the home of his young rookie partner and his wife (Brad Pitt and Whatsherface), while settling down to a home cooked meal a train passes and the entire apartment starts to vibrate and Somerset, the studious cop breaks character, cracks a joke and gives one of the most genuine laughs in cinema history… i swear this wasn’t scripted. Right?? Someone tell me this wasn’t scripted.

BONUS The Count.

Okay he’s not a “movie” star but he should be, I adore the count he’s so amazing if he did, maybe a Lego Movie but that laugh.. So iconic, so beautiful LMAO…


Was there something awesome that I missed?? Catch me up on twitter and I’ll compile it in part 2..

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