Cleanskin (2012)


Director : Hadafun
Starring : Sean Bean, Abhin Galeya, Charlotte Rampling, James Fox, Tuppence Middleton. UK. 1h 48m

quickflickI picked this up in poundland and I can fathom why they had so many copies, I think that’s the golden rule, if they have only a few copies then maybe you’ve struck gold on the other hand if you’re tripping over the same film throughout the store it might not even be worth your £1.

So this boring espionage trash is based on Ewan (Bean) who is a secret agent faced with the task of taking eliminating a potential suicide bomber as the bomber comes to terms with his life and assess how he managed to get pulled into a terrorist group.

A few years ago this film would have gone unnoticed even with Sean Bean’s name and picture plastered all over the place despite his minimal efforts in the actual film, but in all fairness he gives as good as a performance as in any other production, but I just wasn’t feeling much depth for the rest of the cast. Bean’s character seemed to have been an evolution of his tough army persona from Outlaw (2007), but the big question is; does he die!! I’m not telling..

Cashing in on current fears and stereotypes on the “types” of people who get caught up in “that”kind of business, there is no profound or unique stance on the whole matter, and the matter is very typical, a young man sucked into extremism by a cleric now intent on bombing and causing mischief but as this is a movie trying to prove a point he’s got massive doubts.. At least it puts a face and background to a person who wouldn’t normally have a name.

Everything about this film is “OK” the action scenes are OK, the acting is OK, I notice that a lot of what would be considered bigger names are doing this lower budget films, I’m not sure if they are trying to keep active, keep their names and faces in living memory but I’m becoming wise to the tricks and not assuming that a guest appearance by Charlotte Gainsbourg is going to ensure a better film.

It’s the kinda straight to DVD film that stokes the bar table banter, it ticks all the boxes to ensure that what you thought was right, is in fact right, but don’t mistake this for documentary! Lots of the film has almost been erased from my memory, for me Essential Killing (2010) was more interesting and spoke volumes.




Rating 2/10

R – Survivor (2015), Essential Killing (2010), Traitor (2008), Dus (2005)
L – Terrorist Movies, Sean Bean Flicks
5s – Sean Bean

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