Last Nights Movies 13.11.2016

I’m getting back in the grove of writing these things.. So last night I watched a lot of YouTube, UFC 205 and a couple of films, a few golden oldies and one newbie.

silence of the lambsSilence of the Lambs (1991)

This is always a comfort movie for me, I go back to it again and again, singing along with American Girl and mimicking Dr Lecter when I can. It’s hard to believe how old this film is, I remember my little sister studying it for her media studies course. As book adaptations go it’s one of the better ones, keeping a lot in common, obviously (and this doesn’t need to be said but) there is more depth in the book, but that doesn’t take anything away from how brilliant this film is. Sparking the career of Anthony Hopkins off (again) and turning him and hannibal into a sex icon. The outline is a rookie FBI trainee is brought onto a massive case, Buffalo Bill is skinning his humps and a senator’s daughter has gone missing and is suspected to be his latest victim. In order to catch this psychotic killer, the FBI employ the help of a legendary psychologist Dr Hannibal Lecter, who has fallen from grace after being arrested for cannibalising several people and gaining the name of Hannibal the Cannibal and the notoriety of being one of the most dangerous criminals in living memory. For me the film remains solid, with a gripping story and detailed characters, the techniques used are unusal but very effective, lots of close up of faces talking directly at you really makes you stand to attention and sympathise with them, Hannibal is a wonderful anti hero, cold, callous and surprising still manages to attract people to him. stunning, beautiful, wonderful.10/10

terminatorTerminator 2 (1991)

For me the first Terminator film is perfection, I was a little bit amazed at how things were going to pan out for the sequel when I was a kid, but it really didn’t blow me away, I remember the OST was awesome but that was it. Having a non violent robot being controlled by a kid just wasn’t cool but the T100 was something new but it just wasn’t enough especially as it couldn’t happen!! The machine only allows organic matter to come through so the T1000 would need to be surrounded with bacon to make it through the machine.. dammit. BUT still it’s watchable, I love that there is still a degree of animatronics and it’s not full on CGI, the dream sequence where Sarah Connor and the kiddie playground burns up is really the shit of nightmares but I just didn’t feel that the film aged that well, I still prefer the original. 6/10

final-girl-abigail-breslin*Final Girl (2015)

I really wanted to like this a little more but I just struggled but I will watch it through again and see if I can gel with it some more but for now it has a pretty low score. The story is of a young girl Veronica who has been invited out by some seniors who intend on killing her, despite being the new girl she’s trained to handle herself pretty well and the tables are turned. It looks pretty cool, like a more modern monochrome Company of Wolves (1984) but the action and frights just aren’t as finely tuned. I think ti could have gone the full blown creepy woods scenario OR stayed with the slick black and white with the addition of Veronica’s red dress but in a more Sin City (2005) style maybe for some extra class… I dunno something just didn’t sit right. On top of that most of the cast are made up of child actors, so you kinda recognise all their faces but it was hard to pinpoint everyone I got the blonde kid from Race to Witch Mountain, Boo from Signs and the chubby kid from Butterfly Effect. Sadly the “star spotting” was more entertaining than the film. 3/10

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