Last Nights Movies 17.11.2016

It was the Christmas lights switch on so getting home through the crowds of tiny flashing children was almost impossible, so I didn’t fit too many films in…

I started with a all time favourite then moved onto something that sits at the total opposite of the spectrum….

taxidermiaTaxidermia (2006)

I used to eye this film up in Blockbusters, as I feverishly worked my way through the World Cinema section I was tempted but I thought it was going to be heavy on the comedy side. You literally can’t make this shit up but the film is beautiful, ingenious and poetic. The film starts at the end, and slowly details a particular Hungarian family line, through 3 generations we can see the birth of a country. The film is highly surreal and darkly comic at times, it deals a lot with the body and mostly inside. There’s a lot of blood and guts, and vomit.. But strangely it remains quite beautiful.. The first generation has a dick that shoots fire, his son is a world class speed eater, but the grandson develops into a scrawny taxidermist.. At times it seems disjointed and this is due to it being pieced together by stories from Lajos Parti Nagy. An unusual Body Horror that would make Cronenberg proud and another stunning film from György Pálfi. 10/10.

let-the-right-one-inLet the right one in (2008)

A rare genuine horror movie that is able to keep the gore to a bare minimum and astonish horror fans with it’s pure genius and a gripping story and unexpected brutality. There is a fair amount of blood, as one would expect in a kindergarten vampire story. A meek boy Oskar, befriends and falls for a girl who reveals her vampiric/animalistic nature. She has a few problems adjusting after losing her caretaker, but Oskar is there to aid her. It’s a strange movie, which incorporates a lot of slight CGI to give a uncanny edge so a lot of the scenes. A slight emphasis works better on the psyche than going all out. A deeply gripping film that keeps surprising me each time I see it. 9/10

immortalsImmortals (2011)

It took me a few times to really figure this film out, not because it’s complicated but it’s in fact extremely simple but just pumped up with so much nonsense it becomes style over substance. It looks like it’s  trying very hard to be 300 which seems to have set a standard for “ancient” movies, but it just felt like it was executed by a monkey having some kind of seizure. Basically some tough guy (Mickey Rourke) wants to take over the world, but lucky for the rest of us Superman (Henry Cavill) listens to an oracle and ties to save the day. It’s messy and time consuming I got no enjoyment from this at all, I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking and I don’t know why I watch it, maybe I’m living in hope that one day I’ll see what the point of it is… 1/10



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