Unjustified (2016)


Starring: Fredrick Leonard, Bolanle Ninalowo, Seun Omolaja, Esther Audu. Nigeria. 1h 15m

This is going to be a review and a Post Discussion so there are going to be spoilers but I will highlight them later. This was one of the shorter Nollywood films that wasn’t part of a series, I find these tend to speed through the details but it was still a deep and thrilling story but sadly had a weak ending.

The story revolves around a couple who are having the odd marital problem but the results are quite deadly after an affair strikes up between the wife and mysterious lover who’s a bit too hot to handle.

It’s OK as far as Nollywood goes but the film suffers from really terribly placed microphones that pick up more noises from the clothing of the actors than their voices, but overall it’s heart is in the right place. As if they realised that the sound was going to be a problem there is emphasis on a range of outlandish facial expressions.

There are some respectable names in the cast and it does shine through and pay off in the long run. They are all professional enough to just get on with the job at hand. There are some mega cringe worth cultural strangeness, which I find odd but I’m now learning the in’s and out’s  after hours of Nollywood watching.

Sadly the ending is a bit cut and snatch, there is a confrontation when the wife tries to leave his husband for her toy boy lover, there is a scrap in the yard and the husband kicks out the ruffian who runs to his car. The couple are about to reconcile when the lover comes back waving a gun.  I know i said I’d have a spoiler but I’ve decided to keep the suspense.  Tragedy strikes but the end of the film is just a page of text with an update.

It’s okay but it’s hard to ignore the shoddy production to really get into the film. But beneath the rustling noises there is some good moody drama.




Rating 5/10
L – A-Z of Nollywood Films

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