Alan Poza (2013)


Director : Charles Novia
Starring : OC Ukeje,Beverly Naya, Okey Uzoeshi  . Nigeria.

There are some massive problems with the production of Nigerian movies, from shoddy sound and camera work to terrible continuity issues, but this film doesn’t suffer any of those, the production is top notch for a Nigerian movie and actually better than a lot of films with a developed film industry. But what it lacks is an interesting story and for a Romantic Comedy it has no comedy.. Actually it has no romance either..

Alan Poza (Ukeje), who often introduces himself in that James Bond style “My name is Poza, Alan Poza” is an executive for a music company but is beaten to his expected promotion by a woman, this shocks and disgusts him, not only that he’s been passed up by a woman, but she’s also not interested in him. The objection becomes a challenge and despite him hating every ounce of her, he strives to make her fall in love with him, then dump her, which is supposed to ruin her mentally and physically then he’ll slip into the job.

While that doesn’t really make any sense, he still manages to casanova himself into the beds of several women including his secretary and then starts to fall in love… how can a play boy fall in love and what effects does this have on his plan and life??  Well having lots of jealous women after one man, can only lead to disaster.

It starts out well, trying to be nothing more than Alfie (1966), Poza is often talking into the camera, telling the audience about his plans and thoughts, but with such a flat character all the neat camera angles just come off as being annoying. The one major factor that is missing is the comedy, for a rom com, it would be expected to have a few laughs, now I’m not hugely into comedy films but I get the comedy, just not all of it gels with me. Alan Poza is totally void of any comedy, a few scenes have a whiff of a giggle but you’d need to be so heavily dose up with booze to make the effort.

There’s no dynamics between the actors, it seems that everyone is trying to out do each other, the director’s approach seemed to be hands off, letting all sorts of nonsense carry on. 

What it surpasses other Nigerian films in, it lacks in actually creating an engrossing movie, so really it fails all over the show. It could have been quite interesting but is just dull and ugly. I do have faith that Nigerians can make a rom com,  but this is just not it, if you’re interested then check out When Love Happens (2014). One aspect which does redeem the film is a crazy twist at the end, where some mystery gets thrown into the mix, but it was a struggle getting to that point.



Rating 2/10

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