5 selected – Tim Robbins

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A cherub faced star with an ability to take on difficult and energetic roles, Tim Robbins has made some blinding performances over the last couple of decades

01.Shawshank Redemption (1995)

Possibly the greatest film of time? Quite possibly… Robbins plays Andy Dufresne, but shares the main role with so many iconic actors and roles that everyone’s a winner. He’s a mild mannered guy who ends up going to prison for the murder of his wife. While protesting his innocence, he rises above all the attempts to break him down, either from other cons or the corrupt system. It’s strangely heartwarming while also being melodramatically cruel. It did wonders for Robbins career and really gave him a step up into many more unusual roles but he certainly does thrive as Andy and I feel that this role immortalizes him and possibly Morgan Freeman (or maybe just his voice?). 10/10

02.Miss Firecracker (1989)

A strange comedy drama that develops around the young; naive Carnell (Holly Hunter) as she strives to win the a local Miss Firecracker beauty pageant, with everyone expecting the event to end in disaster for her, one person who is almost on her side; this is her eccentric and slightly sociopathic cousin Delmount (Robbins) but strangely he sells the family home which spurs her on further. Robbins is quite eclectic in this role, often flipping his shit but has a strange nurturing side to him as well; one amazing scene is when he takes Popeye (Alfre Woodard) out for a trip along the river and informs her that Shangri-La isn’t a real place. It’s a beautiful story brought to life from the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Beth Henley. 7/10

war-of-the-worlds03.War of the Worlds (2005)

I’m mentioning this movie just because I don’t want to list Jacobs Ladder , despite it being his most talked about movie I really didn’t get into that much.. so I’m going to add the worst movie of all time that was saved for a few moments by his presence. He plays Harlan Ogilvy, a deranged guy who’s possibly suffering from some post-traumatic stress after a group of aliens start fucking us all up, he’s convinced that we need to dig deep to escape the aliens and despite that being an amazing idea his manic persona proves to be his downfall. He’s the only character in the film I didn’t want to punch in the face, shame he played such a short role. 1/10

tim-robbins-noise04.Noise (2007)

This comedy fueled drama is quite unusual, Robbins plays a successful Manhattan lawyer, David Owen; who is constantly bothered by all the noise that the city creates and takes it upon himself to sort things out, mostly by vandalism and creates a new vigilante identity called “The Rectifier” his acts provoke the mayor (William Hurt) into action but then his personal life starts to take the toll. It’s an unusual film where Robbins gets to do the Morgan Freeman voice overs, his character, while solid, grows over time and then the film offers two alternative endings. Defiantly thought provoking. 6/12

mystic-river05.Mystic River (2003)

It took me ages to get into this film, it’s a slow burner but does eventually reward those who wait it out. Robbins plays a pretty sorry character who has some terrible luck, after being sexually abused as a child he’s then suspected of murdering his best friends daughter, an intensely taut coming of age mystery that earned all the actors and director, Clint Eastwood no doubt a lot of worthwhile attention. It’s gritty and Robbins was slick and convincing in his difficult role. 8/10

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