Spotlight- Peter Weller

05.The Adventures of Bukaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984)


Technically this was a flop but it also has a strange dedicated following, so it’s cult? Either way it’s an American sci fi romantic adventure comedy… which isn’t all that unusual for the 80’s as there was a boom of comedy sci fi romance flavored films but Wellers successfully pulls off a Dr Who type character who was very multi talented and the talents of physicist, neurosurgeon, test pilot and musician are all under his belt as he attempts to save the world by defeating a band of inter-dimensional aliens called Red Lectroids from Planet 10. What more could you possibly want? 7/10

04.Leviathan (1989)


For years I always praised Deep Space Six (1989) as being that special underwater sci fi film from the 80’s but there was a runner up, generally slated but for my tastes it’s prettI y cool, Weller plays Steven Beck, whose team descends to the bottom of the ocean for a mining project, in the depths this find a sunken ship and inadvertently awaken and bring aboard a malicious life form that starts to kill the crew and mutates… sound familiar? yeah it’s nothing wholly original but it’s something I can kick back to. 6/10

03.Naked Lunch (1991)

Naked Lunch

I was so immersed in this film the first time I saw it, coming from of the more outlandish and significant beat writers William Burroughs, and then re told by a master of the strange, David Lynch, this film is bound to be a mindfuck for anyone (including me). Weller plays William Lee, a bug exterminator who’s wife has been stealing his insecticide to get high, which he then starts taking and hallucinates that he’s a secret agent with a talking bug typewriter he embarks on a bizarre mission to kill his wife. This is incredibly basic for an extremely complex movie. Weller did a good job just keeping his mind while making this film. 9/10


02.Screamers (1995)


Despite being used in Robocop mostly because he had a beautiful mouth, he was cast in Screamers and we got to see much more of his face, but sadly it’s a much darker story. A war between man and robots (this time he’s merely a man) on a distant planet, where “Screamers” build themselves as the ultimate killing machines. But as we learnt in Hardware (199?) machines like to upgrade themselves. Weller is brilliant as and rough antihero, surrounded by danger and desperate to get home, his struggles are very real. The original story was a short from the cyberpunk god Philip K Dick, so expect a high level of paranoia and crazy action. 7/10

 01.Robocop (1987)


One of the best action sci-fi movies of all time, and starring the unusual Weller, not someone you’d assume as being an action hero, he is lucky to outsmart the bullet (pun intended) and become one of the greatest robotic antihero’s and part time scumbag (explanation coming). Alex Murphy was just the average nice guy until he got blown to pieces by a violent gang, his body, claimed by OCP, a futuristic corporation that runs the Detroit City Metro. Police, who transform him into an unthinking cyborg, until he regains his memory and starts chasing the gang who killed him, and those who control the gang. A cult classic with tons of spin offs, comics, animated shows films and series. Robocop harnessed many guises for us, as a metallic golem, a lone samurai or a gunman rolling into town to put things straight we can all sympathize with him. There are tons of deeper issues covered in the films, including the rise of fascism through the media, a brilliant film that keeps giving. 10/10

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