Unconditional (2014/2015)


This is pure daytime drama that if it were to be remade would probably star Bette Midler,  but this turned out to be an interesting Nollywood film, it strives to be different from  the majority of the other flicks that revolve around broken marriage, love and crime.

A mother is at work when her distraught sister arrives and through her blubbering she describes how she’s managed to lose one of the children. While driving them home she stops to allow one of the elder daughters to pee, but when she returns to the car, one of the baby twin girls is missing, after her confession they rush to the police station and they turn out to be total arseholes about the situation. A search is eventually started by a private detective. Meanwhile an it seems agency owner becomes the main attraction as the overweight vicious and horrid woman bullies her staff, husband and customers.

During the second part of this movie the lost twin, now 11 years old is spotted on TV by her twin and mother,  she starts having reoccurring dreams of an unknown woman (her mother) and is soon tracked down. The real drama kicks off at the battle of the mothers commences. The twins are chalk and cheese but eventually the narrative pours over the ideas of nature vs nurture, is a girl’s mother, simply the woman who gave birth to her or the woman who cares for her day in and day out?

It’s quite a sweet movie, it adopts many different styles to portray the dream sequences which adds depth to the mystic style to this pent up drama. The film is heavily feminine, there are hardly any men featured, and they come across as being totally incompetent.

Touching alternative to the Nollywood crime epics, and look at the issues involved with adoption and parenting in a mature way. It smoulders but is an entertaining film if this is your flavour.





Rating 6/10
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