February 2017 News and Stuff



I can’t believe that January is already over and I’m halfway through February, starting to feel a little better but not near 100%, still trying to fit in as many films as possible but I’ve not been out and about getting many new discs, and certainly no cinema visits with my cough 😦

The January watch list is looking quite healthy, with a list forming of eagerly anticipated new-not-new films to watch. But now it’s the RBS 6 Nations I’ll be spending silly amounts of time watching burley men running around a muddy field..

My favourite local cinema is Russian Ark on Valentine’s Day so if anyone wants to treat me lets make this a date.

At some point i’m going to have to watch T2, which is an unusual name for a non terminator film… talking of Terminator there is an amazing opinion piece from Georg, How The Terminator Movies Have Changed

There is a lot of intelligent film opinion and observations on his channel. This is quite an in depth look at one of the biggest sci fi franchises and how it’s grown and progressed around the whims of it’s audience and managed to survive so long. Quite gripping stuff, and if that’s not enough there is also a some insight into why Ghostbusters 2016 Flopped

There’s a lot going on with Skinslip and his channel, the latest update is … Collection Update! A Deeply Personal Channel Update!

 I love watching this videos but I’m so jealous that I don’t get to display all my DVDs like him.. I end up keeping mine in boxes all over the house. #lifegoals

The posters and clips from the Bornless Ones look like a mash of 1980’s horror films

I’m going to struggle getting back into the groove again but aiming to get a post out every other day for a while until I’m back on the horse…



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