When Love Happens (2014)


Director: Seyi Babatope
Starring: Weruche Opia OC Ukeje Beverly Naya Oreka Godis Gideon Okeke Bukky Wright Desmond Elliot Wale Ojo. Nigeria. 1h 40m

This has to be one of the best produced Nollywood films I’ve seen for some time, not only is the sound ok, but the production is not notch and it used some really artistic camera techniques, and it even has it’s own Wiki page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…When_Love_Happens

So the story revolves around Mo (Weruche Opia), who’s recently left school and is a budding business woman, still at home and single she spends her time wishing that the ideal man will just fall into her lap. After meeting old school friends who are all married and starting families, feeling gutted she joins a dating site but as the number of useless dates rises so does her youtube hits as she reviews the dates, naming and shaming them for all of the internet to see.

Eventually she reduces the amount of dates that she goes on believing that the right man for her won’t be found online. Her princess friend needs help arranging her wedding and she accepts and starts falling for the best man. Their relationship takes a knock when she finds him in bed with another woman. So back at square one she has to start doing a lot of growing up and realising that what she’s been looking for might just have always been under her nose?

It’s a great story, in depth and really comes to life with the addition of the recognition of youtube! The film has a lot of western influence, there are interesting voice overs, talking directly to the camera and in some of the more awkward scenes the camera shifts around with the gaze of the  young lovers, which are aspects that are often not available or thought of with the lower budgeted and less experienced films.

The connection between actors isn’t the best, at times you only know they are “in love” because they say so, the on screen presence is just lacking.  It’s like everyone is able to perform really well but couldn’t break through that closeness barrier.

Overall it has a young a hip feel about it, and lots of interesting techniques are utilized to tell an age old story, but it freshens up well, funny, witty and charmingly entertaining.



Rating 8/10
L – A-Z of Nollywood


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