Hukkle (2002) : My Favourite Scene

The Jet Scene

At this point I haven’t actually reviewed Hukkle, despite it being an amazing film that blew me away with it’s beauty and simplicity I just can’t find enough great words to justify it’s brilliance so the review has sat on the back burner, but I will pick apart at the film for years to come and here’s the first installment.

Hukkle, which translates as Hiccup, is mostly silent and there is a happy old chap in the film who is constantly hiccuping, during certain scenes it’s as if nature is dancing to a certain beat and that is in tune with the hiccupping. Nature plays a huge part in this film which is really a pretty dark mystery based on the Angel Makers of Nagyrév.

Men in this little remote village keep ending up dead and in the strangest places, a long cop is tasked with finding the culprit(s) and goes to investigate. This jet scene happens near the end of the film around the time where the cop has figured out what is happening but before the audience has their reveal, he’s pictured briefly  on his way to make the arrest but the Jet seems to symbolize the massive shake up that is about to occur.

While everything in the film is natural and there are only a couple of CGI scenes showing seeds growing, this Jet which is hugely enhanced rips through the village and does mark the damaging effects that the deaths have caused. Cracking the houses and disrupting the river and animals.

I adore everything about the film but while I was getting so heavily sucked into peacefulness and the cops investigation this scene really did make me sit up, it shakes you awake and reminds you that there are crooks to be had.

Strangely after this scene the film settles down back into it’s happy pattern and the finale comes as a song. It’s all quite hauntingly beautiful but this one mechanical scene really stands out as it’s so different from the rest of the film but so much a part of it.

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