Time Rush (2016)


Director: Daniel Zirilli.
Writer: Dean Alexandrou.
Starring: Hari Das Ahatefu, Dean Alexandrou . USA/Thailand. 1h 25m.

This looked like an interesting generic combination, time travel and parkour. While the movie serves up some impressive fighting and acrobatics it forgot to include a full plot and to employ at least one trained actor. It’s never going to be easy without a touch of talent but when physical abilities are sacrificed for acting then the film might struggle a little and this one struggles a lot, but it’s not all joyless.

Alex awakes and is instantly on the run from lots of angry and violent people, after running the streets fighting for his life and at the crucial point as a bullet is flying towards him, his watch beeps and he starts all over again. It seems Alex witnessed a murder and will have to keep looping through these same 30 minutes until he can unravel this mysterious plot, he eventually works how to alert his girlfriend  and during each loop he comes closer to the answer. Much like Edge of Tomorrow (2014) this is more like FIGHT/CAR CHASE/RUN AROUND/FIGHT/DIE/REPEAT.

The movie just plays out like a movie reel action scenes that blend together without much of a purpose. Everyone involved is from another action film, be it Chocolate, Scorpion King 3 or just another Zirilli/Seagal film, but none of them display much in the way of acting. Bad acting aside there is some powerful and impressive action scenes, Alexandrou‘s choreography is tight and his energy is ever present on the screen, there’s just not a lot else.

Find yourself ….before they do.

Zirilli has a knack of knocking out bucket loads of high octane films that will grab your attention for a short time, thrill you with impressive stunts but are easily forgotten as just another Seagal movie. There’s nothing wrong with having this genre of movie, it’s not my cup of tea, I wouldn’t search out one of these films but they do past the time, but I’d rather watch Peter Griffin fight that giant chicken.




Rating 2/10

REdge of Tomorrow (2014)
L – Stuck in a timeloop.
A – A film without A Film.


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