3 horror shorts…

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a selection of shorts, but I had to start off this year with some horror ones. I did struggle a bit to find anything, are people still making short films? Are there any indigogos out there, we need more of this expression of art.

Wide awake (2017)

This is a brilliant little horror that has some creepy moment and great effects, it plays and twists the odd horror cliche. A young man is getting ready for beddy byes when his door slams shut and then strange things start happening and he’s not so sleepy after all. It’s quite creative and comes from the same couple of teenagers who created Don’t Look, and literally on budget. Please guys keep up the good work at least a trilogy but do more.. Let me help you. 7/10

REG:RET (2017)

This isn’t something that really gelled with me as it’s so heavily religious, but it’s still pretty interesting. A young soldier who seems to have fucked up a hostage situation and then starts to doubt himself and becomes suicidal until he gets a visit from the zombie jew. The ending is obvious and the main actor looks too young and fragile to be a soldier, but all that aside it’s filmed and directed well. 3/10

Bhangarh Fort (2017)

This has all of the right elements of a haunted horror story but it just has no impact. A group of college friends are getting ready to go home for the holidays but one has an idea inspired by a dream and visit to a fort, he wants to recreate the story of a haunting of the Bhangarh Fort, but then strange things start happening in their hostel.

The acting is a little shoddy but it does have all the right horror elements but they are just not made a focal point and are often glazed over.A lot of hard work has gone into this but I just felt like too much effort was put into the wrong things, if it was made simpler then maybe it could have worked better but still it’s a great piece just not my cup of tea. 5/10

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