The Cry of the Prostitute (1972)


Director: Andrea Bianchi
Starring: Henry Silva, Barbara Bouchet, Vittorio Sanipoli, Mario Landi, Fausto Tozzi . Italy. 1h 26m.

I adore Italian cinema and the more violent the better, this was off my radar and I suck for taking so long to see it.

A family are stopped at a border patrol, their son is passed out from travel sickness but they are ushered through, they crash the car and everyone is killed, but the coroner notices that the boy was dead prior to the crash, crude stitches are unpicked and drugs are removed from the tiny cadaver.

Despite being into some tough and criminal acts the mafia bosses aren’t pleased that this is going on and assume it’s an Italian American mobster who’s up to this despicable act. Don Coscemi brings  in Tony Anianti (Silva) to investigate and generally fuck things up for this way ward mobsters, but Tony has his own agenda to bring down both families and leaves a gruesome trail of death and destruction and after he sparks up a bizarre friendship with a reformed prostitute things get sleazy and interesting.

Bianchi creates a vivid and nasty mafia movie, it’s not as refined as his other works especially the classic Burial Ground (1980), but the film is pretty seamless and there’s a lot of energy put into the sleaze and revolting gore than other movies in this genre.

It’s a crime on crime film and without cops it’s interesting to see the crime underworld policing itself, much like M (1931) but less cerebral and more blowing holes in the opposition, without the politics this is 93 minutes of pure anger, violence, cunning and misogyny. The only good guys are a young couple who get caught up in the mess and despite efforts to save them, they are shown no justice.

Silva is perfect for this role, his stern chiseled features are an apt mask for his brutality. His descent into the town and ability to start fights and end them quickly is homage to Fistful of Dollars (1964) and in tern Yojimbo(1961). There is a scene where someone spills something on his shoes, and he demands they clean them, when they start laughing he shouts “Look MOTHERFUCKER I repeat myself… clean my shoes” then the brawl starts, hugely outnumbered he cleans the room and struts out. He’s tougher on the women, subjecting the prostitute to an experience she never got on the streets, but how many whores get their head shoved in a dead pig and belted about a barn before some rough sex but she did ask for it (??!!). Despite all this he’s still a likeable character and the only guy you’ll be rooting for, when he’s finished steamrolling any would be tough guy there is an epic blood bath.

There’s so much to like about this depraved and bold movie, there are safe places and so many taboos are stepped on and kicked about. some scenes are going to be difficult but when if nasty and vicious is your thing you can’t go wrong with this.


Rating 7/10 

RStrip nude for your Killer (1975), Unforgiven (1992)
L – Wildless Westerns – Western Themed Movies, Brutal R4pe Scenes, When a stranger comes to town.
A – The Silver Screen Slut.
5S – Henry Silva, Barbara Bouchet
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2 thoughts on “The Cry of the Prostitute (1972)”

  1. Barbara Bouchet had a very interesting career, she was a “Bond girl” in the 007 parody “Casino Royale” – I posted a story about her!

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