The Sweet Body of Deborah/The Body/Married to Kill (1968)


Director: Romolo Guerrieri.
Starring: Carroll Barker, Jean Sorel, Luigi Pistilli. Italy/France. 1h 35m.

A couple return to Geneva from their honeymoon flaunting around various parts of Europe, the rich Deborah (Barker), and beautiful lover Marcel (Sorel) are only in town for one night before things start to become strange. Marcel notices an old friend, Philip, who totally blanks him in a nightclub, after catching up with him again during the evening, Philip announces that Marcels former fiance Susan is dead and it’s all his fault, despite her death being a suicide Philip still strongly blames Marcel for her death.

Marcel beings to receive death threats from someone who holds him responsible for murder, Deborah starts getting strange phone calls and is also the target of some of the threats, and a weird neighbour named Robert (Hilton) spends hours watching and trying to contact her, as she’s his voyeuristic icon and his fixation starts to become just as dangerous as the stalker.

The couple try to enjoy their post honeymoon bliss while ignoring these threats, until things start to become dangerous, they arm themselves for protection but even with help from the local police they are still running scared.

Riddle, riddle, Debbie in the middle. Surprise surprise guess who dies?

By far it’s not the most thrilling Giallo film but it has some very interesting characters and a great twist at the end. As one of Carroll Baker’s early films it secured her many more roles and cult status in the genre. It’s quite frivolous at times, the couple go to see a risque show, Carroll shows a little skin and Ida Galli has an amazing fetishy outfit, this might have led to it’s downfall in the UK but it was lapped up in Europe. Guerrieri took what he learnt from this and excelled in a more highly sophisticated Un Detective (1969) which dishes up more murder double crossing and intriguing.

At first it would seem obvious that this gigolo husband is out to claim on his rich beautiful wife’s insurance, after apparently killing his ex, what else could happen, but as new characters like the cheeky voyeuristic nutter neighbors are introduced the plot does thicken.

It’s charming, it does have quite a few bits of Giallo nasty thrown in but nothing over the top, but with a intelligently played out story and sophisticated ending you’ll be thrilled to the end. Also I have to add before finishing that it has a noteable soundtrack, hands up to @GiornataNera who knows his stuff when it comes to Giallo and Soundtracks, check out his amazing twitter here.



Rating 6/10

RThe Killer Must Kill Again (1975), Un Detective (1969)
L – Honeymoon Films,
5S – Carroll Barker
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