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While looking up details on Pete Postlewaite I found out that his son had featured in a short film, called Tea for Two, I chanced on a trailer video which lead me to PorkChopPictures YouTube channel, and it’s actually quite brilliant, so many imaginative and well made films. Most of them are pretty old and the website is “Coming Soon”  https://www.porkchoppictures.com/ and I hope they do come back ASAP as we need more of this wholesome stuff.

For starters, here’s the trailer..

… and now for the rest..

SoulMatrix (2014)

This is an interesting piece, comical and slightly sci fi ish. A man is having one hell of a bad day, literally everything that could go wrong while getting ready for work does, after turning up to work all shabby the bad luck continues, but then he notices a hot girl in the office, and starts taking pictures of her, at home he loads all of the photos into the SoulMatrix which creates a lifelike companion.. What could possibly go wrong and what are its capabilities!?!? It’s quite brilliant and has some similarities to Creative Control (2015), It’s main actor is Paul F Taylor who is a talented stand up comedian and also appears in the next short..

Writers Block (2011)

A writer is sat in the pub working on this novel, well just procrastinating really, the book doesn’t have the first chapter yet but then he notices a hot new bar maid, his writers block goes from page to mouth when he can think of a lot to say but nothing comes out when he loses all courage to speak to this girl..a funny look at the minds of creative people.

Meat… (2010)

This seems to be the film that kicked off the whole show, 7 years previously (at the time of writing this). It’s a well thought through and brilliantly executed short film, about friendship and cannibalism. It’s dark and funny with an interesting twist at the end. There are a few out takes and making of video’s as it really has had a lot of work put into it and it shows, quite entertaining.

8 Ball (????)

Ever needed some time to get away from everything and clear your head? Ever needed some questions answered? A man sets himself down on a bench next to a stranger who turns out to be a human 8 ball, after testing his ability he is soon prompted to ask some more gritty questions and soon the power of this unique man becomes understood. It’s plain in it’s approach and seems quite simple but in reality it’s quite brilliant. Something that you’d expect from the twilight zone.

Spooked (????)

This is a funny short, slightly dirty so it wins all the prizes in my book. A man checks to see if his girlfriend has returned from work after a pole dancing documentary comes on tv and he wants to get his squide on, while pleasuring himself he hears voices and something starts to change the channel on the TV, by the time his missus returns it’s apparent there is something supernatural going on linked to a haunted item in the loft, but who or what is the culprit and how can it be silenced. It’s such a bizarre array of events, kinda like a comedy Paranormal Activity (2007)


Mr Vicious (????)

This is a brilliant little cartoon based on Mr. Men, about a Punk who.. Somehow manages to vote for Thatcher… 


’t’ – A tea room (????)

 Last and not least, and not actually last but the last that I’m going to review here is a short faux documentary about a tea shop owner, a passionate man who is surrounded by people who might not share the exact same enthusiasm as him when it comes to tea making. It’s witty and handled well. Apart from using the same problematic customer there are no faults.

There are a few more videos and some music tributes, including a bizarre satirical take on Michael Bolton and a music video based around Nosferatu which has a brilliant style about it. It would be interesting to know what happened and why things stopped but I do sincerely hope that things pick up and it will be great to see them produce more material, but also check out the website for other shorts and features that haven’t made it onto the YouTube channel.

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