April 2017 News

Trying to get the news to be all serious and schit but there isn’t much going on that I give a schit about .. wait.. yes there is…


Here are a few interesting twitters for this month…

Nick Cato, always a good source of “stuff” and check out his books, link in the pinned tweets 

Barbie Russell is a doll, check out her horror feed here  – 


Trailers That Smell – Crocodile 1979 and check the out on Twitter (link in the bio)

Georg Rockall-Schmidt – How HP Lovecraft Influenced Films

SkinSlip – Countdown (2016) | Psychotronic Coast to Coast

Shit Flick Critic has, a new upload review of Plan 9 from Outer Space.


The new Empire cinema opened up in my hometown, i blagged my way into a guided tour and I was fairly impressed, it’s HUGE and clean which is odd for a cinema.. But I won’t be back until after spring break..


Looking through the lists of films that are on offer, Tresspass Against Us had one showing which happened before the opening and only ONE showing!? But luckily I managed to view that at the indie cinema , but after some digging around on the website I finally found something worth watching –


The Shape of water (2017), G Del Toro returns with a film based in the USA during the cold war, where a mute janitor falls in love with an aquatic specimen in a secret lab, as they fall in love they hatch a plan for him to escape. Sound like Abesapien has some explaining to do. I am expecting a lot from this, I know Del Toro won’t let me down, but his ever increasing list of films on the make are getting me down as I really want to see his take on Pinocchio.

Grave / RAW (2017) – French body horror, a young vegetarian student find it difficult to adjust through the hazing period and is forced to eat a piece of raw meat that has a profound effect on her promoting some questioning behaviour.

Get Out (2017) The movie everyone has been talking about, I’m finally recognising it and can’t wait to see t but it’s going to take a bit longer to get to my local indie cinema.

L’Ascension (2017) A young boy while trying to impress his girlfriend claims that he can climb everest, simply because when you really believe in something surely you can achieve it. Soon the whole country is following this expectation.

Cruel (2017) Pierre is a middle aged man who lives in a large old house looking after his father who suffers from alzheimers, making a meager existence by taking on odd jobs but his secret is that at night he prowls the streets looking for people to kidnap, then he takes them to his basement where he tortures and kills them. He takes great care not to give himself away and no one suspects him of horror but that’s all about to change. Just looking at the preview it seems to have some similarities to H Diary of a Serial Killer.

Ouijageist (2017) Still in production, I can’t find a trailer or decent pictures, but the tagline is that this game spells death!!?? Director , also an actor is known for Tea for Terror, an episode of Tales from the Grave and Amityville Playhouse (2015)

Lina (2017) I can’t find much about Lina, is has a tiny budget of 300,000 Euros, an Afghan movie in Persian and due to be released in July, it keeps being compared to Enzeva (2016) and Utopia (2015) I’m not sure if it’s jUST because of the country of origin or if there is more, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

Tutto quello che vuoi (2017) Sparse information on this production but coming from Francesco Bruni it has some potential.

Mirgorod (2017) A creative profile of the small Ukrainian city Mirgorod and its people. A peaceful place in a country at war. From Icelandic director Einar Thor

Orbiter 9 (2017) Again limited information but a trailer is here – http://www.mymovies.it/film/2017/orbiter-9/trailer/

Un profil pour deux (2017) A Profile for Two-  a romcom from France but it’s looking interesting.

Sin Nombre (2009) A Honduran young girl and a Mexican gangster are united in a journey across the American border.

Without Name (2016) Follows a land surveyor on assignment to measure an ancient forest for a developer but soon loses his reason in a supernatural environment that has it’s own plans.

Brimstone & Glory (2017) Ecstatic ritual, danger and the absolute beauty of fireworks.

Kaleidoscope (2016) psychological thriller about the destructive relationship between a middle-aged man and his mother. Starring Toby Jones and directed by his brother Rupert

The Guardians (2017) During the Cold War, an organization called “Patriot” created a super-hero squad, which includes members of multiple soviet republics. For years, the heroes had to hide their identities, but in hard times they must show themselves again.

The Death and Life of Otto Bloom (2016) The chronicle of the life and great love of Otto Bloom, an extraordinary man who experiences time in reverse – passing backwards through the years only remembering the future.

Libera Nos (2016) -Documentary about the practice of exorcism and people’s issues of everyday life: the contrasts between ancient traditions and modern habits.

Killing Ground (2016) A couples camping trip turns into a frightening ordeal when they stumble across the scene of a horrific crime.

Hounds of Love (2016) – Vicki Maloney is randomly abducted from a suburban street by a disturbed couple. As she observes the dynamic between her captors she quickly realises she must drive a wedge between them if she is to survive.

Hang wan si ngo / Happiness (2016) – After his mother’s death, Chan Kai-yuk feels so alone that he leaves Guangzhou for Hong Kong to look up the father who abandoned him and his mom.

Cosmos (2015) – Witold just failed his law-school examinations and Fuchs has just quit his job at a Parisian fashion company…

Na srebrnym globie (1988) A small group of cosmic explorers, including a woman, leaves Earth to find freedom and start a new civilization…

La región salvaje / The Untamed (2016) A couple in a troubled marriage locate a meteorite, initiating an encounter with a mysterious creature. Their lives are turned upside down by the discovery of the creature, which is a source of both pleasure and destruction.

Mimosas (2016) – A dying Sheikh travels across the Moroccan Atlas in a caravan escorted by two rogues.

That’s it folks 😀

2 thoughts on “April 2017 News”

  1. Lots of great stuff there – love to hear what you think of “Get Out” – I posted a story on it that didn’t include any spoilers, so don’t look at anything – the less you more the more you’ll enjoy it!

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