Maggie (2015)

Director:Henry Hobson .
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin, Joely Richardson, USA. 1h 35m.

One of the staple factors in any zombie film tries to answer what we would do with our loved ones, this is fully inspected and dissected in this unusual emo movie. All rational thoughts are out of the window and a deeply sympathetic view is adapted the traditional zombie movie into something quite unbelievable but it does raise some questions, questions we know we’d never have to ask.

Maggie (Breslin) has been infected during a zombie attack (yeah that’s a oxymoron.. ) but in this reality the newly infected are kept in detention centres and if you’re lucky your parents can come and pick you up and spend the last few days with you, providing you see a doctor and promise to go back to the detention centre to die. After hacking up the neighbours and slaughtering his way across America, her darling father (Schwarzenegger) eventually finds her and takes her home.

As she comes to term with her new death metal look, she connects with her school friends, going out camping at night (something I’d do during any stage of a zombie outbreak) and even hooks up with a old crush who is also going through the same thing but at a more advanced stage, all the time everyone is waiting for the inevitable moment when Maggie turns.

It’s an emo(tive) melodrama which has all of the best when it comes production, it looks brilliant and the effects are quite masterful, but despite the seasoning of the actors it still appears quite indie, Arnie doesn’t do much, he does slaughter a few of the (dead) neighbours who wander onto his land, but the sentimental scenes are left for the ladies and young people. It has a certain air to it that suggests everything in the world is okay at ties, maybe maggie will get cured, maybe love with save her in the world filled with the moaning dead and emo mush.

I enjoyed the film but the premises is just too unbelievable, I can’t imagine that at any point during a zombie outbreak there would be a program for bringing your loved ones home and wait for them to turn, no matter how “humane” we believe we are. But apart from that it’s a touching drama. I really did love the scene where Maggie is starting to display more signs of changing and can constantly smell cooking.. It has all the making of a great film but too far fetched.




Rating 4/10

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One thought on “Maggie (2015)”

  1. I was intrigued by this, but your review, which is very well written, articulates why I have held off: a premise that felt forced with what also felt like stunt casting, even if the intention was honorable…again, great review!

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