5 Selected : Harvey Keitel (Vol. 1)

01.Reservoir Dogs (1992)

 The film that boosted a ton of careers, both new and old. Iconic cult classic from the twisted mind of Quentin Tarantino, that revolves around the collation of a group of estranged men who are together only to pull off a jewels heist that goes terribly wrong. Keitel plays a pretty major role as he protects Tim Roth after he’s shot in the raid but unbeknownst to him he’s also a cop. A bright and vivid film with great performances and a smoking soundtrack that changed lanes on modern cinema. 10/10

02.Bad Lieutenant (1992)

Keitel plays a cop who’s constantly on the wrong side of the tracks, a drug addict, thief, lying, cheating son of a bitch actually turns out to be the good guy. While his gambling debts spiral out of control he is put on the case of a nun who is raped by a group of youths. Strangely the case opens him up to redemption but possibly too late. Keitel is very much centre stage throughout this film, there is hardly a scene without him, and he lavishes the attention and really eats up the deep complicated role.8/10

03.Saturn 3 (1980)

One of Keitel’s early roles where he plays a psychopath who failed to be selected for an experimental project. instead; he kills the successful candidate and hitches a ride where he has to program Hector a 6 foot robot with a human like brain that he has to teach by linking minds together. Unfortunately for hector he’s being taught by a killer psycho who’s obsessed with the only female on the planet; played by Farrah Fawcett and hector learns all of his dark secrets and adopts them as his own. Quite a brilliant role for Keitel but sadly he didn’t turn up for the dubbing which was completed by Roy Dotrice. 7/10

04.The Duellists (1977)

Keitel co stars alongside Keith Carradine, they play French soldiers who after a trivial quarrel they become mortal enemies and the feud continues and the war around them escalated, but whenever the men meet they have to to duel with swords or guns. Later on their lives the men become distinguished generals and have both forgotten why they are at war with each other but their hatred is strong and the duels become more cunning and violent. Keitel is menacing and more of the aggressor in this film and really spurs on the story.

05.Bad Timing (1980)

 A strange brooding drama starring Art Garfunkel as a uni professor who has an affair with his student, but the young girl; still full of life and seeing the “relationship” as a fling is soon off doing her things as his obsession grows into possession and things between them become dangerous, add her depression into the mix and we have ourselves a crime of passion or do we? Keitel plays a Columbo style cop who is on the case, he’s pretty central to the story and could have had more on screen time but he’s memorable and really developed the character in the time given. 7/10



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