Favourite Scene – Viy (1967)

In this 1960’s folklore inspired horror fest, a young monk, Khoma;  is tasked with saying prayers over the body of a beautiful maiden who is in fact a witch and she terrorising him each night, the tormenting intensifies until the last night where the showdown unleashed all the goblins and trolls the witch can muster and the novice monk has an epic show down and has to basically exorcise the witch. This show down is amazing and I feel that for these scene alone the film should be recognised by more people.

The film was made in Russia and a lot of the effects had to be abandoned due to lack of funds and technology but they never failed to think big.

It’s all very spooky and kooky now but beautiful witches, in coffins, with all sorts of horrible gooey monsters including the king of the trolls whose eyelids scrape the floor. It’s not horrific by any modern terms but the accuracy to the old fable is exceptional and it’s ravishing to look at.

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2 thoughts on “Favourite Scene – Viy (1967)”

  1. Have you seen The Fearless Vampire Killers? Its a 1960’s polish film (though as a recall it’s spoken in English). More of a horror/Comedy than this one appears to be but aesthetics are kind of similar.

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