Bokeh (2016)

Directors: Geoffrey Orthwein and Andrew Sullivan.
Starring. Maika Monroe, Matt O’Leary, Arnar Jonsson. USA/Iceland. 1h 44m.

Every now and again there is new renaissance of post apocalyptic films, most of them are pretty horrific, some rely heavily on sci fi and others are intense dramas, and then there is Bokeh which is just a bit dull..

Starting with a young couple, deeply in love and on a romantic trip to Iceland, the atmosphere is really warm and inviting, they seem amazingly bright and brilliant showing all the love and warmth that you’d expect when young love is on the cards. The couple make the most of their first day, going on tours and meeting a local priest, learning about the thriving history and culture.

During the night Jenai (Monroe) she wakes up to notices a bright flash across the sky, when the couple fully awake in the morning they find themselves totally alone, there’s not a trace of anyone in their hotel or in the streets. Strangely the electricity, internet and other device etc are still working as if literally everyone just vanished without a trace. Jenai’s obviously depressed, she wants to go home, she wants answers, she misses her family, her possessions but in contrast; her lover ??? (O’Leary) is more positive and upbeat, he gets to work building devices and goes out to take photos, almost relishing the situation while Jenai’s depression really grips her and thus dividing the couple.

They say that Gods one and only voice is silence. He just must have more to say these days.

Teh movie draws on and on, the couple talk a lot, argue a lot, try to contact their friends and family on and off, they spend a lot of time driving along empty road and taking photos a lot. Neither really able to find any answers, there is breakthroughs. What they do have is eachother , apart from one strange encounter they eventually start to push each other over the edge and they try to really enjoy Iceland are made but filled with too much sorrow and unknowing.

Bokeh is a photography term, adapted from the Japanese from Broken, it’s basically when something is out of focus and lights become dull round shapes, you know the type, fairly decorative, detailed work but after a while it can be very boring, the two people in this film, from what I assume are both in and out of focus with each other but the film doesn’t have the balls to make for some passionate cinema, it’s quite monotone and plain. Not to say that it’s terrible, it looks greats like a Sigur Ros music video with less people. slow and emotive but waits too long to really start to push the story forwards and rushes to a dark and some what open ending

Bokeh is just about watchable but hardly enjoyable, it’s worth getting through no answers, no revieting moments it’s quite plain but interesting to see someone’s dream come true through fan funded cinema. could have provided a lot more, maybe with a fitting soundtrack There is no threat, which comes as a shock with a post apocalyptic film, something to get the blood running. It’s easy to appreciate it for what it is, an slushy drama but the two characters seem to bore each other so much that they end up boring their audience..



Rating 3/10

RNo Blade of Grass (1970), Last Man on Earth (1964), Omega Man (1971), The Quiet Earth (1985), Here Alone (2016)

L – Last Survivor Movies

A – No one is watching – Why are we so obsessed with being the last person on earth.

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