Bundy: An American Icon (2008)

Director:Michael Feifer .
Starring.Corin Nemec, Kane Hodder, Jen Nikolaisen. USA. 1h 27m.

There will never be a serial killer movie which really gets at all the nitty gritty, ugly details of a serial killer and/or their killings. I’m pretty certain of that, but now and again something will try and trip that line and at least give us a decent movie. While I really enjoy this film and watch it regularly; i have to admit that it’s not actually a brilliant film. At times it’s a bit bland. It certainly doesn’t give me the insight I crave for but I’m in a minority here, not everyone is interested in serial killers and most people just want to know enough to say they are aware of but they don’t want to see the real face of a killer looking back at them from a TV movie.

Charmer. Liar. Serial Killer.

Before this turns into a essay… Bundy, the American Icon!? That’s what drew me to this film, a rental from Blockbusters for the first viewing, something to pass the time while waiting for them to change around the sale section. The film tries to dig into all the reasons why Bundy did what he did, being abandoned by his teen mother to abusive people, having a terrible relationship with his girlfriend and slowly descending into madness which spurs on his killing spree.

Some of the killings are re created, the dorms and some of the methods he used to abduct girls are illustrated and tested. But a lot is missing, mostly anything contradictory to the idea the director is trying to paint, there’s hardly any involvement with the law despite his numerous arrests. The film is supposed to be retold by Bundy himself while in prison, he’s confiding in a stern officer of the law (Hodder), so if it’s coming from the horse’s mouth then it should be true right.

It paints Bundy as a man who could have been good but his demons get the better of him. The acting isn’t brilliant, each scene is over emphasised like William Shatner experience and way too long, but a lot of effort went in, but in all the wrong places. The lighting is often poor and the soundtrack fades in and out during some scenes.

It really does feel like a ID channel documentary at times with that introductory level acting. But all said and done I do find the movie watchable, it’s sketchy and some of it is accurate the rest speculation, but at it’s best it’s linear and at times there are signs that it could have been brilliant, but the violence is shadowed in ways to make it acceptable to most of the family. Just another Bundy movie but without much impact.



Rating 3/10

RBundy (2008), Peter (2011), Red Riding – series (2009),
L – Serial Killer Film
A – Will a serial killer film ever be accurate?
5s – Kane Hodder
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  1. I met the true-crime Writer Ann Rule, who wrote the bestseller “The Stranger Beside Me”, about working in a crisis call center next to a charming young man named…Ted Bundy. Her book is a fascinating look at this psychopath….a much better way to get this story!

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