Garden Of Love (2003)

Director: Olaf Ittenbach.
Starring.Natacza Boon, James Matthews-Pyecka, Daryl Jackson. Germany. 1h 26m.

It’s quite easy to slate a film just because of it’s shoddy acting and low budget but then there are a few golden films where we actually really adore them just for those reasons, I want to name the Room (2003) but really I don’t know why it’s’ the best of the worst.. but it is. Garden of Love has some pretty bad qualities, poor production being the more noticeable but there is a damn fine slasher movie somewhere in the mess.

A woman regains consciousness from a two year coma and after a few strange events, she is convinced that there is something supernatural going on. After some investigations she discovers that she was brutally attacked along with her hippy family but she was the sole survivor. But now she’s awake her family want her to help them get vengence so they can rest in peace. They appear as ghostly white specters, in their post massacred state, sadly the effects team couldn’t make them appear much more supernatural than some pale make up and dripping blood and white contact lenses but you get the idea.

Gradually they start to work their way through the criminals who slaughtered them, dispatching them with all the grace of a slasher God! but what plans do they have for their beloved daughter/sister?

This is easily one of Ittenbach’s more linera movies, there is a bit of jumping forwards and backwards but on the whole it’s all there and laid out neatly, it’s easy to pass it off and laugh at it, but there might just be something on the slasher side of things. It’s rare to see a decent blood and guts movie these days. I always assumed that with the breakthrough in effects that these things would blast open and we’d get more of these disgusting horrors but sadly not.

There is something wonderfully awful about it but it was a challenge to get through. You will have to excuse a lot of things, but there are some laughs to, maybe not intentional.. there is a great scene when the girl gets a flashback of her family as they were before being slaughtered and they are dancing around a field in white clothes singing while daddy strums on a guitar, and then for the rest of the film they are dosed in blood and legs are flying about the place. Maybe it’s meant to be a comedy?



Rating 3/10

L – Haunted Family members..
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One thought on “Garden Of Love (2003)”

  1. The trailer looks pretty professional, but as your review states, not really the case…that said, thanks for sharing this – it’s always great to see low-budget filmmakers trying to tell a story, even if it doesn’t always work!

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