LA Apocalypse / Doomed Planet (2014)

Director:Michael J Suma.
Starring.David Cade, Gine Holden, Christopher Judge USA. 1h 20m.

Somehow this film was advertised as having a score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, the audience score is 36% and that’s fucking generous. This tea time thriller is less thrill and more yawn.

So the city of angels starts to experience a few disturbances, mostly due to the meltdown of the earth’s core, as the city is being evacuated a criminal group go beserk and kidnap some people including some chick that some guys gives a shit about and he embarks on a rescue attempt in a city that’s being violently destroyed around him by mother nature, he partners up with “that guy” from Stargate and together they navigate their way through untold dangers.

I tried to jazz it up a little bit, but to be brutally honest I’ve seen better episodes of GI JOE. The effects are bearable for what I assume is a TV movie, the acting is ok, everything about this film is passable but it’s just not entertaining.

It’s a beautiful story though, young true love prevails as the world is being destroyed, but only LA is affected, the guy could have legged it and saved himself but he went back for his girl.. what a guy. I was expecting more from Judges, as he’s a veteran sci fi actor, he looked more professional carrying weapons but the botox in his face just retards his facial expressions and he does seem rather plain.

Unlike the other terrible adventure films, there are no evil creatures, this is one step away from Lavalantula () with the quakes and shaking city but lacks that comedic character that most of these films seem to employ. On the serious note of Christmas Icetastrophy (2015) there is something there if you’re willing to switch off common sense for a while.



Rating 2/10

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