Chronic (2015)

Director :Michel Franco Starring :Tim Roth (Mexico/France) 1h 47m

It’s not often that films like to detail the withering away of a person, it’s usually a story that doesn’t attract a large crowd, it can be depressing, sad, often conjuring up lots of emotions that an audience doesn’t want to feel, sensitive issues and awkward situations that an audience doesn’t want to feel. Chronic deals with a lot of these, in their rawness and forces us all to watch all the details. Continue reading Chronic (2015)

May 2017 News

I thought i had posted this a few months ago but I think so of this “news” is still relevant??

Upcoming Movies

Last Blood  (No date ) The world’s last human survivors of a zombie apocalypse are looked after by a group of vampires.

…and also check out this project with the same name from 2012

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