Boyka –  Undispited IV (2016)

Director: Todor Chapkanov.
Starring. Scott Adkins, Bulgaria. 1h 13m.

BOYKA BOYKA BOYKA!! Scott Adkins should just change his name to Uri Boyka, I mean this wholeheartedly, he’s so perfect for this role. Although in this new instalment of Undisputed Boyka is a little different. After gaining his freedom in Undisputed 3, I did predict that Boyka would have a massive change of heart and run an orphanage, and I was close. .. (shush don’t burst my bubble). So Boyka is refreshed, a free man, he’s still fighting with devastating results, and is being noticed by influential people and could possibly start going pro, he has an important fight coming up but to keep fresh he’s still taking out the competition. After delivering some bibles to the local church Boyka is seen SMILING!!! OMG the priest urges him to stop fighting, live a better life, but he’s soon back in the ring, the first is brutal, he’s back to telling everyone to “shut the fuck up” and then beats the living shit out of his opponent. After the fight he notices the medics removing the guy, he doesn’t look good. Boyka gets news of his death and feeling immensely guilty he collects his belonging and finds a letter to his (late) wife. Boyka is grief stricken and decides to take the letter to her in Russia, where he’s still a wanted man.

Forming a strange relationship with the widow he can see that she’s struggling, her husband was trying to pay of his debt to a kingpin he had to borrow a considerable amount to opening a school/community centre, and Boyka steps in to raise the money by fighting.. this is when Undisputed IV starts to feel familiar.

I’ve come here to save myself

It feels a lot like Undisputed 2, which is great, the soundtrack is the same and there are some familiar faces as well, but sadly not Mark Ivanir (Gaga). Boyka’s character seems slightly different, although he’s shown clear signs of empathy, a strict moral code and close ties with the church, this is all emphasised but he’s a free man now and is a little less pissed off.  The only major downfall for the movie is that it’s lacking a training montage but we have a few scenes of Boyka getting his body oiled up so all is not lost. The “love” interest is kept to a minimum but the actress is quite boring, as a widow she doesn’t show much emotion, she’s carted off each night to serve drinks in the Kingpins club to pay off her debts, but he’s in love with her, I don’t understand when the woman sleeps, she’s up all day running the community centre and looking after kids etc, then at night she’s serving drinks in a club in badly fitting corsets!?

Boyka has such a cult following and I have to admit that I’m a dedicated follower, and the film is good, for me it doesn’t better part 2, but is equal to 3, it delivers exactly what it needs to, lots of Boyka being awesome. He’s different but his life out of prison is bound to have some differences, but with a brutal (slightly unbelievable ending) it looks hopeful that there will be more films, this is a series that can keep running and I think I’ll enjoy every minute of it.

It would have been interesting to have an arch rival that had more to do with Boyka, instead we’re introduced to a massive muscle bound creature kept in restraints (imagine Steve Buchemi’s character in Con Air) and he’s unleashed into the ring with disturbing results, and easily predicted he turns up at the end as a bonus boss match, but that’s it, with Undisputed 2 and 3 there was a rivalry that built up, with more dialogue and character, Boyka does have a rival who insisted that he was king of the ring but Boyka really needs a more worthy opponent, apart from that it’s damned fine.



Rating 8/10

RUndisputed 2 (2006), Undisputed 3 (2010),
L – Tournament Films.
A – What’s next for Boyka
5s – Scott Adkins

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