Last Night’s Movies 24.07.2017


Soooo.. it was a long night, I did get started early, straight in and onto Law(n) and Order, I’m slowly working through the Boxset, no idea why I find it so thrilling lately but I do…

So after that conundrum I got back to the movies..


I started watching this first movie at the weekend but it go so boring I stopped and I got back to it today… and it didn’t improve…


*Gray Lady (2017) A seasoned police officer loses his sister and wife to the same criminal mastermind while on a respite he carries on his investigations into their murders on the island of Nantucket, going back to his origins uncovers more than he bargained for. There are hints of a deep and tangled web of treachery but it’s so lame, there were no shockers or twists as everything is lovingly sign posted and predictable is theme to this flick. being distributed by Anchor Bay I was expecting something outstanding in some way but I didn’t know they started shoveling shit.. I must admit I was hoping for a ghost story, but it turned out to be a bit of a family feud started over a tragic misunderstanding .As the details unraveled instead of the film becoming more interesting I just lost the ability to give a shit. Actor turned Director John Shea hasn’t done anything since Southie (1998) despite his cameo in this film he should stick to acting. The funniest aspect of the film for me how everyone is a look alike to someone awesome, the lead detective and all round good guy Eric Dane looks like a poor relation to William Petersen and the rough and ready rouge of the island Chris Meyer looks incredibly like a chubby Karl Urban 2/10


Northface (2008) I adore this film, I was in a cycle of watching it nearly every sunday, one of those films that gets me ready for a week of work, I guess watching the demise of a few young men makes me thankful to sit a desk and rot in a different environment!?! It’s quite an intense look at a few days in the lives of two young men who are desperately separate from their country as it’s slowly declining into the depths of fascism, instead their goal is on climbing the Eiger, the Ogre of the Alps. Their childhood friend has a job with a local newspaper and has talked her way into covering the story but things don’t do to plan. It’s a brilliant story, with tons of emotion and dazzling snowy feats. it’s a beautiful and daring film. The connection between the men is outstanding, it’s not often that dynamic is so solid. The approach to the film is quite lengthy but the build up only makes the strive so much more vivid. It’s hard not to fall in love with some aspect of this harrowing true story. 10/10


DayBreakers (2009) It’s great to see a new inventive look at an age old monster, but while everyone ignore the Gorgons they are happy to take a brand spanking new look at Vampires! And the men to take us into the future are the ones who gave us Undead which was another amazing look at a zombie outbreak with surprise guests!! I was so excited to see this project, the story of a future where vampires are the norm and humans are hunted and kept like cattle. There is a strange 1930’s aesthetic also, similar to what happened in Blade Runner and it all works so well Ethan Hawke plays a meek science geek who is trying to find a blood substitute but stumbles on a cure for the vampire infection but a greedy Sam Neil wants to make sure that vampires live on forever. Very stylish but could have done wit a little more gore!! Just saying 7/10


2 thoughts on “Last Night’s Movies 24.07.2017”

    1. It’s brilliant in my honest opinion i stumbled on it by total accident but it was a happy accident .. how are you keeping?

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