Last Night’s Movies 25.07.2017


I got new art supplies so while I was tinkering with those I managed pull out a few golden oldies but then when I realised a new DVD was pretty short I crammed in one priceless Giallo too!

Bullitt (1968) –  I remember watching my mother get all excited about Bullitt, she’s a huge fan of Steve McQueen and as a kid I didn’t know why but i’ve been converted, I brought Bullitt a few years back and was totally blown away by it time and time again, I’ve had a passion for retro/vintage cars and while I’ve always adored Mercury Lead Sleds I finally caved in and I want a Dodge now.. But the film is quite strange, famed for being “that car film” there’s a lot of crime thriller going on as well. McQueen plays a toughen San Francisco cop who is out for blood, his target is a local king pin who has killed a witness who was left in his care. McQueen’s need for speed sparked him to insist on doing all the car chases and he made a point to keep his head near or out of the window in all the scenes to the audience that it was him at all times… damn I love car chases!! 9/10

So after all that excitement I needed a no brainer that I had seen before, don’t forget I was painting a masterpiece at the time! sooo..

Chemical Peel (2014) The first time I watched this was about 2am, I’d woken up with a stinking cold and was feeling rough as well, so while I let the flu meds kick in I found this on Google Films or something.. I was a bit delirious but for some reason I liked the film enough to get a copy! it’s cheap and cheerful, a gory body horror with a lot of cattiness and a touch of claustrophobia. A bachelorette parts turns into a toxic nightmare when a deadly mist surrounds their remote cabin, isolated and scared the chemical reactions aren’t the only things the girls have to be afraid of. Hank Braxtan has done a brilliant job for the budget, the gore is awesome and the story is captured with some good acting and great camera work. The girls are slowly broken down, both mentally and physically and it’s morbidly beautiful to watch their eyeliner and skin run. 6/10

I had pretty much finished for the night and was packing up when I looked at the  running time for one of the items on the “to watch” pile and this was the shortest..  it was brilliant

* 5 Dolls for the August Moon (1970) I should have seen this one a long time ago but alas it has escaped me until now, and I shall repent I’m an awful person for not making more of an effort. Bava tangles a new web of lies and death, a brilliant scientist has devised a new invention and while celebrating his new find with a group of privileged friends on a remote island but slowly they start dying one by one.. It’s a layered thriller starring the ultimate Giallo girl Edwige Fenech. The group are quite risqué until they start dropping like flies but they are trapped on the island knowing that one of them is the killer! It’s lavish, rich colours and funky camera angles and shots are there to dazzle the eyes but it was a paycheck film, Bava still managed to make a great film but without putting his real worth into it.. it’s a shame it could have been better though it feels a bit rushed, but the intricate ending was a bit shoddy but brilliant, I had to watch it twice! 7/10


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