Last Night’s Movies 26.07.2017

There was a terrible traffic jam and as the roads were dead I decided to duck into the pub and right across the road is the indie cinema soooooo… I took my pint over the road and got tickets for….

*47 Metres Down (2017) I finally found an indie cinema still showing this, I dunno why I wanted to see this and now I’ve seen it, I dunno why I bothered, after sitting down it dawned on me, this is a movie about a couple of girls in a cage in shark infested water, how much can you expand on that in an hour and 20 minutes…. but I like to keep an open mind. It starts out slow,  it takes 20 minutes before the sisters are on the boat. The backstory is irrelevant and the attempt to pull at the heart strings is isn’t needed but once they are out in the blue yonder under the guidance of Matthew Modine, who looks older but sounds exactly like Private joker and that’s a bonus as most of the film he’s a voice in their ears. The chum is chucked and the girls get dunked and with an hour of oxygen and an hour of movie the rest is supposed to be in pseudo real time. The film focuses on the girls after they get dropped to the sea bed, and bizarrely the great white sharks circling them don’t really get a lot of screen time, but this isn’t a scary shark movie it’s an underwater thriller, without any thrills…there are frights but there’s lots of puzzle solving and cute twist at the ending, you see it coming a mile on.. in fact it line up for this twist is as subtle as Conner McGregor but on the whole it’s just another underwater film. I wasn’t won over by it, it’s incredibly made and looks stunning but unlike something like Jaws (I didn’t want to mention it but…) which has a lot more storyline to it, I just don’t see myself watching it again.. but it was good to see at last but there is no treasure in this wreck 3/10

By now the roads were clear to I headed home, starving hungry and with a ton of chores to do, but there was a movie on… sadly it was..

The Shadow (1994) This is one of those comic/super hero movies that were done BEFORE everyone realised they secretly loved super hero’s but the Shadow was never anyone favourite and the film reflects that! I like the style of the movie but it’s the small characters that made it great, Ian Macellean and Tim Curry. So the Shadow is battling against his nemesis Shiwan Khan who had travelled through time and space to go to NYC and build an atomic bomb. It’s campy as hell, the sets are obvious and there’s lots of pseudo bravery and sleuthing, it’s probably one of Alec Baldwin’s better performances but Penelope Ann Miller is totally crap, prancing around and not adding much to anything, there’s an incredible scene where Tim Curry is checking out her wrack but it’s just bone man.. but it’s all a bit of a disaster really, I remember Dick Tracy having a bit more character and that was pants too.. I really feel that if you’re going to make a 1930’s crime thriller adventure then you need to put on the ritz, this just falls flat. 3/10

After this I was done.. but I did managed to catch up with the finals of the Sumo Bashio!! This was the highlight of the night.


3 thoughts on “Last Night’s Movies 26.07.2017”

  1. I had no interest in seeing “47 Metres Down”, but it did surprisingly well at the US box office, so it had some good word of mouth in a summer that has had very little so far!

    1. it was tiresome, i was hoping for something new with killer sharks but it was more about the chicks being chicks but underwater lol

      1. It came out of nowhere, which is why I was surprised it performed well – who knows what clicks sometimes with a audiences, right?

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