Last night Movies 17.07.2017

It was a quiet night, I spend a bit of it pondering Romero’s career and obviously I’ll be writing a short list of my favourite films from him, trying to avoid any Zombie ones but damn that man made a huge impact and with a tiny amount of films under his belt, 20 credited to him on the IMDb but it’s not the quantity it’s the quality right. I nearly forgot how prominent a strong independent black man is to his formula.


So I got the old “of the Dead” boxset out but I just couldn’t watch any of them, I had to get my mind off from Ghouls and Zombie for a while, my twitter feed is like a rolling Romero montage at the moment, I’ve seen enough.. so I tried a golden oldie then something that’s been on the to- watch pile for a while.

30 Days of Night (2007) D: David Slade S:Josh Hartnett, Horror/Supernatural (USA)

I have been re reading the graphic novel and i usually end up watching the film at some point, it’s amazing how the film is literally chapter one.. and yet written in a way that illuminates the rest of the novel being created, although there is a sequel which I still haven’t seen but will watch at some point. Barrow is such an amazing town, I would SO love to live there, minus the vampires but I’m so in love with the dark winters, the film is pretty good, not a great or faithful adaptation but it keeps the minimalist color scheme and is pretty gory and entertaining for a Hollywool flick.It boasted having the most realistic decapitation screen in modern cinema and it’s freaking awesome, when I first saw it in the cinema I was impressed, even though I love all the old school techniques, especially those from Fulci films, this was what I needed to see in modern films, less flashy cars and more axes to throat. The loose plot is that a group of vampires use one of their minions to disable a town which is about to go into a nordic winter, therefore experiences a month of darkness, during  this time they plan to wipe out the town, then set it on fire to hide the evidence and scamper off into the night. But they weren’t planning on the locals fighting back. One of the things that struck me as being strange was the ending credits, they seemed totally unrelated to the movie, and are strangely more disturbing in a silent hill kinda way.. they should have employed that person for the rest of the film. 7/10

So after that horror fix, I got back to the “to watch” films and I chose Tschick, just cos…

Tschick (2016) D:Fatih Akin S:Tristan Göbel, Anand Batbileg Drama/Adventure/Comedy (Germany)

It looked like it was about to become a boring teen flick but thank goth that Europeans have a heavy branch of imagination. A young boy called Maik begrudgingly befriends the new boy, an awkward scruffy Russian kid called Andrej “Tschick” Tschichatschow although Maik’s mind is on other things, the popular girl and her a list party but after he doesnt’ get an invite, he dosses at home alone, his mother has gone into rehab and his father is away on “business” with his young sexy new “friend” but Tschick turns up with a stolen car and they plan to leave, driving away and not looking back. It’s brilliant and quite charming, the two boys realise they are so different and yet have so much in common. Tschick does remain a bit of a shady character, but opens up in weird ways when it’s least expected. On the surface it’s light hearted and charming, there are darker undercurrents but you really have look closely to see those and it’s totally feasible to miss them completely. 9/10



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