La Weekend July 5

Ghostdog (1999)

One of those life changing movies, and continues to be my go to film from time to time, a small indie movie graced by some impressive names, just because it’s that darn good of a film. Ghostdog is a lonely character, is only friend is a French speaking ice cream seller, his passion is Bushido and his Pigeons. After being saved by a mob boss, his adapted the way of the Samurai and looks upon this man as his master and he is a retainer. The mafia uses his dedication and sends him out to do hits. One goes awry and the mob turn on Ghostdog, but they don’t’ know who they are fucking with. Forest Whittaker plays the main character and he’s perfect, RZA had a hand in it’s production and the soundtrack takes a facet from each style of black music, it almost started a movement, (black) urban samurai 9/10

Harakiri (1962)

I am so ashamed to have only discovered this movie this year! Hara-kiri is a riveting and well-crafted movie about Hara-kiri, but it’s not that simple, it rarely is with the Japanese culture. An aged samurai goes to the home of a feudal lord to ask to committee Harakiri, as it has to be done before an audience. The lord, Saito believes the man is just looking for pity and a job and recounts the story about the last man who came to his door with the same request and how he forced him to follow through with it, when the aged samurai announces that it was his son-in-law, a fierce conflict breaks out. It’s a stunning film, at first I thought the 2 hours was going to be overkill but by the end I wanted to see more. The cinematography by Yoshio Miyajima is perfect, I honesty can’t find anything wrong about his film and it’s production. There’s so much raw emotion and some cut throat fighting scenes. 10/10

*Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003)

 I have avoided this film for a long time now, I can’t stand Zorro films and this was just a glorified Zorro film and who the hell cast Enricho, why is no one in the film Mexican? AAAANNNYYWAAAYY it’s the return of El Marachi played by Antionio Bandareas because Hollywood can only have one prominent Spanish actor at one time LOL, this is the third and final of the Marachi/Desperado trilogy and the head honcho is played by Willem Dafoe and Johnny Depp turns up get his eyes ripped out and still manages to instantly be a blind bad ass, I wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be a comedy or something I really hoped it was a continuation of Three Amigos. Lots of bravado and action but I just wasn’t feeling it and I’m sorry not sorry about the situation. 4/10

Moon (2009)

Perfect Lofi Scifi from Duncan Jones (David Bowies son) a lone astronaut (Sam Rockwell) is on a three year shift on the moon, he oversees a mining project, is only company is a robot, voiced by Kevin Spacey. He’s has a lot of trouble contact his family but it’s all down to the atmospherics, but as his health suddenly declines and he notices a crashed vehicle questions are raised, is he really alone on the moon!? The answer is exceedingly intense. I was never too sure about the film, I just assumed it was more American sci fi rubbish, but then when I realised who Ducnan Jones actually is, I rushed out (to blockbusters) and rented the film. Rockwell holds his own, he’s really underrated, 8/10

*Soldier (1998)

Well I had never seen this and I have a good idea why I’ve never heard of it.. basically it’s a bit shit.. the concept is brilliant but the execution is just too Hollywood, it really needed to think outside the box, if this has been a Manga film it would be ground breaking!! Kurt Russell is part of a group of genetically enhanced soldiers who are brutally conditioned to be emotionless killing machines, after 40 years they are considered obsolete and abandoned,  but when a new col. (Jason Isaacs)  cooks up a new breed of emotionless killing machine which he believes is superior, the old school model goes to war with them. There is a bit more to the plot than that but really with a storyline that awesome it really could have been hashed up into some cyberpunk dream on crack. Apparently you can watch this for £7.00 on YouTube but honestly don’t pay more than 7pence on this film it will be on TV for free 2/10

UFC Prelims – Some okay fights in the Prelims, it was good to see Ortega return to the ring!

UFC 214 – Finally the event I have been waiting 2 and half years for!!! Finally!!! I won’t give any spoilers even though everyone will know the news by the time this is get’s published but OMG OMG OMG but the 42 second fight was terrible but these things do happen.. But one question, the Tyrone Woodley fight.. the world record for the least amount of punches thrown in a 5 round title fight? It was boring as hell.. Does anyone know why everyone got their phones out..

Northface (2008)

I watched this last weekend as well, it will be a while before I can put the film away. It really is stunning just how beautiful and daring the film looks, I’m guessing they didn’t just dangle two actors off a cliff but it certainly does look like it, along with the stunning alpine scenery the camaraderie between the two main climbers is magic. If there was a bit of bro kissing going on I’d fully understand. Retard fact.. Bruno Furmann and one of the other climbers also starred in Anatomy.. there you go something to help you win a pub quiz 10/10

Fire in the Sky (1993)

This 90’s docudrama really opened my eyes to a few things,  I have always had a strong interest in the paranormal and UFO’s etc but as a teen I wasn’t afraid I think I really wanted to poke something from another planet with a poop stick, but I didn’t really fear them, I heard about probes, anal and otherwise, but I hadn’t really touched on the medical experiment sides of things. For the most part this drama is mediocre, a victim has been returned to his family but he’s a bit strange, freaking out over maple syrup and spazzing out from time to time. This movie scared he bejsus out of me and it still does, those alien scenes, depicted by the guy who got caught up in the “real” events are chilling. The cast all look so young and chubby faced, and James Garner plays the local cop, Bradley Gregg, Henry Thomas, Robert Patrick, Craig Cheffer,  and D B Sweeney all look fresh out of college… 7/10

I didn’t realise that it was so close to Monday morning when I started this…

The Man Who Came Back (2008)

This is a low budget TV movie (I think) it certainly has a production that seemed a little shoddy, and the story isn’t anything new, but I really do enjoy watching the movie, it’s just one of those things. Set just after the Civil War, former slaves go on strike causing a rift, most are slaughtered and other head out to live in the surrounding woods, but the judge who they used to work for and his twisted underlings and siblings start to wreak their hell. A former gunman is framed for the murders and in return the judge has his family killed, but he breaks out of prison and seeks his revenge. We’ve seen all this persecution of an innocent man who seeks revenge, but it’s the ways in which he plays the bad guys that makes these films so enjoyable. There are some elements like Seraphim Falls, but the look and feel is more like Dr Quinn Medicine Woman.  I was a bit surprised by the big names in this film, Billy Zane, Armand Assante, Sean Young and George Kennedy all feature in it. OK they aren’t Hollywood A-Listers but I guess you gotta pay those bills. It’s a bit of a creature comfort film..  6/10

Phew.. that was my weekend!!

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