Last Nights Movies 27.07.2017

I was whacked last night so back to the golden oldies, I really couldn’t feature trying to get into anything new.. So I started with

The Gift (2015)

This is actually quite a brilliant film for actor turned director, I really didn’t see something this intricate coming from Mr Edgerton, I remember it coming out around the same time as The Visit and I did pass it up as I wanted to see if M Night could pull it back but really this disturbing thriller would have been a better cinema experience. Joel co stars in his feature, playing a weak douchebag who befriends an old school buddy in order to seek revenge in strange and wonderful ways. His appearance is shushed away like the annoying kid at school even in his absence he causes cracks in the relationship and goes beyond what anyone would do for his justice. It’s dark and leads the viewer in different directions, Joel shows a lot of talent with his storytelling and his next feature Boy Erased should be equally stirring 7/10 [REVIEW]

Pottered around for most of the night, checking out new trailers and trolling twitter.. but I got a notification that this has started..

Brides of Dracula (1960)

A school teacher traveling alone is befriended by a lonely old woman on a night where she has been abandoned by her carriage as her driver has fled in fear of being too close to the Baron’s mansion. After accepting food and board for the night she starts to notice strange things in the old woman’s mansion/castle little does she know she’s been captured as food for the Baron Meinster dark vampiric lust, alternatively she might just become his third bride, but the courageous vampire hunter, Van Helsing returns to destroy his old foe Meinster.Definitely one of the oddest Hammer Horrors but it’s very successful. After their main Dracula died for the final time and actor Christopher Lee refused to be typecast any longer, they had to invent a new foe, so this is one of Dracula’s sidekicks trying to start up his own empire, Cushing is amazing, and is no stranger to this style of movie 7/10



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