Last Nights Movies 01-08-2017

It was a short night but I just about managed two films

Haunting in Connecticut (2009)

I wasn’t too bothered with this when it was first advertised but then I found out it was based on a true story and ectoplasm was present and I was SOLD! The first time I watched it I did get a few chills, but it seemed to have really pissed over the true story. Generally it’s slated and carries a low rating on rottentomatoes which is a shame, but it could have been shorter and the magic doesn’t happen until you watch the extras, that’s when I turned on the lights. So a family relocates after their son is diagnosed with cancer, they aim to be closer to the hospital but end up moving into an ex funeral home, that was used to séances the house soon starts to show signs of powerful paranormal activity. If you haven’t watched the extras or know much about the real story check it out. But what really grinds my gears is why is ectoplasm left out of movies.. it’s an awesome concept. 6/10 (10/10 for the extras).

Pig Hunt (2008) 

Damn this film is fine.. it’s such cultured flick. A group of friends go out to hunt pigs when they meet up with a couple of hicks (old friends with the guy who is draggin his friends out) they find out about a legendary giant hog and try to hunt it down, but it turns out the hicks are after another prize but after an accident the group have a family of hicks after them and run into something that they never would have imagined. The director James Isaac (RIP) also gave us  Jason X  and  Skinwalkers but after seeing Pig Hunt I can’t hate him.. it’s just perfect. It features Les Claypool along with a lot of other musicians who’s music features in the film. It’s an unusual adventure to say the least, lots of action an energetic story and a bit of blood and gore, what more do you need. 10/10


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