La Weekend August 1


District 9 (2009) – I was flabbergasted when I realised just how much this film was hated, I got my copy for free when I asked if anyone has seen it, people were giving it away.. so I was a bit dubious about watching it, but I was hooked within seconds.. it’s a mockumentary look at a group of alien (workers) who have go stuck in South Africa. The effects are brilliant, both the alien technology and “Prons” design look and “feel” impressive. Obviously the setting is key, the messages are deep an poignant. The film is elevated by the amazing and life changing performance from ?? who plays Vikers he goes through every emotion and reacts in non Hollywood’s way, giving a more interesting and diverse story. Personally I find it so attuned and turned on, I was really hoping for a sequel, but I guess I’ll have to sit quite tight. [REVIEW]10/10

Clown (2014) – I can’t remember if I reviewed this, I did find it quite interesting, especially the links to the horror/paranormal aspects of clowns and harlequins, check out Mysterious Universe for more info. the film is exceedingly creepy, with minimal gore but lots of gut clenching scenes. A father dons a clown suit to entertain his son and friends as the original entertainer hasn’t shown, but the following day. He’s unable to remove the costume. With some disturbing information from a concerned ??? () he realises that the suit is a skin of a evil entity who feasts on children. Slowly he starts to transform wreaking havoc in his home town. [REVIEW8/10

Oldboy (2003) – It has been too long since I watched this, after I got talked into watching the re make I really couldn’t go back to this without weeping over the injustice.. but I’m back and I love it and it feels good. An asshole business man gets drunk and after being released from the police station he goes missing, he finds himself trapped in a hotel room. He sees information about the brutal death of his wife on the tv, but one day he’s mysteriously released and goes on the hunt for the person(s) who trapped him and took away 15(?) years of his life. I find the raw emotion on this provocative journey just too much at times, the ending has two unbelievable twists, one that is too dark to contemplate but with sterling performances all round and a lavish soundtrack it’s hard not to get immersed in this sometimes violent and strangely romantic bloody revenge story. 10/10

Dawn of the Dead (2004) – it’s not often I get into a remake, although there are a few that I actually find to be quite titillating.. *ahem* but after years of avoiding the “..of the dead” remakes a friend talked me into watching one claiming that Romero approved of it.. and WOW it was actually quite entertaining, the Zombies are more Infected and the violence is layered on heavier but it still has a wholesome story, a group of survivors in a shopping mall, but with dreams of escaping and trying to be free from their sanctuary turned prison. The original will always be better for me, it really has a character with transcends time and Hari-Chrisna zombies, it’s just far out man. But with the alternative soundtrack, the addition of a zombie baby, and the gun guy  across the street it has some amusing moments, it’s bloody and it comes with Romero’s approval. 7/10

Bounty Killer (2013) – trying very hard to be the live action Borderlands this supposedly high octane action comedy was okay, the leading lady was boring as hell in her joke shop Halloween costume that kept switching from perfectly clean to blood soaked when the moment called for it but hey ho it’s based on a great graphic novel, and it adapts the look and feel of the comic world but not the character is missing from the actors. In this post-apocalyptic world, bounty hunters are celebrities who sell merchandise and sign photos, but their main targets are white collar criminals. It’s eye-catching but doesn’t massage the brain much. There are some elements that reminded me of Death Race 2000 (1975) with the whole glorification of death and murder which was prevalent in post-apocalyptic movies. 5/10

A Team (2010) – When I was a tiny tyke I used to live for the A Team (and Thundercats) there was always this nostalgia when I heard that music, the cult following of the film has a loyal base of people who will not be fooled by cheap imitations and this certainly was that. It was always going to be a hard film to live up to the expectations, but I think setting in modern times didn’t help, really this should have been a retro styled movie. It used the original formula though, Hannibal Smith (Liam Neeson) leads his group of elite operatives on a mission and he still loves it when a plan comes together. They have been framed for a terrible crime and have to simultaneously prove their innocence and get the bad guys. It works but then there are a lot of character betrayals I have always been pretty “meh” about the whole affair. It either could have been Mission Impossible or just a cheap parody of itself and I respect that it’s an interesting mix but it’s just not a A-Team film 4/10

Hangul/Tell Me Something (1999) – back to my favourite genre! Korean Crime Films!! Whoopie!! This blood soaked film begins with a cop returning to work after the death of his mother and is straight on the case of an obviously psychotic killer who is leaving body parts around Seoul in plastic bags. It’s fast paced and horrifically violent and gory and I adore every minute of it. The film constantly dives into the gore and dismembered body parts similar to H (), there is almost a eroticism about it. and I like how the film is pretty open about the killer and mental state of the cop presiding over the case, there are scenes where which pay homage to the Giallo movement, as the killer stalks silently in the darkness going in for the kill.. 8/10 [REVIEW]

Point Blank (1991) – I saw this trending on Twitter and realised it was on TV! It’s been AGES since I watched this film, the main reason is that it was my mother’s favourite film for quite some time and she used to watch it repeatedly, which is something that I’m guilty of also but it can “Kill” a film. It’s weird seeing the late and great Patrick with captain Bodacious, fighting over Tank Girl. The real story is more about Captain Bodacious being an undercover cop who’s tracking some bank robbers; he gets in with the surfer lifestyle and forms a bond with the mastermind behind it all. 6/10


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