Last Nights Movies 02-08-2017

Quiet Earth (1985) – I love lone man movies, I think we’ve all dreamt of being the only person around, but only for a little while. The fantasy often turns into a horror situation, either there is a threat like Omega Man or something goes terribly wrong as with an episode of  The Twilight Zone where Burgess Meredith gets his dream future of a world alone with his books, only for it to be suddenly taken away by a tragic and simple accident. But in this New Zealand 80’s Sci fi film a scientist finds himself seemingly the last person alive on this planet, searching for survivors and finding nothing he nearly turns to suicide until he stumbles on two more survivors, a ravishing woman and a Maori called Api, the trio team up and roam New Zealand trying to make sense of their situation. It’s one of those post-apocalyptic films that doesn’t fit neatly into the genre, maybe because it’s based on a 1950’s novel and a close contender with The world, the Flesh and the Devil (so close it’s almost a remake).  Rightfully it has cult status as it intelligently probed the drama involved in the situation, it helps having a scientist as the main character rather than a average tough guy, there’s no brute force and ignorance here, it’s all about the science and brilliant ideas, the ending is breath-taking and opens up so many more ideas, not something we see much these days it’s either zombies or zombies 9/10

Jeruzalem (2015) – I thought I had published my review of this, but I can’t seem to find it, I will make sure it goes up ASAP. It’s not a brilliant film but I adore found footage and the concepts in this one are exceptional. Two American tourists visit Jerusalem one of them has a brand new pair of Google Glasses and managed to capture what seems to be the Rapture! Winged demons, zombies and some giant fucking Godzilla like creature all break out during the night while the friends run for their lives. There’s one scene where the girl has to visit an asylum (always gotta have a mental asylum for good measure) and it was creepy as hell. The cam aspect was handled well, and there aren’t too many mistakes in the film on the whole. I was expecting the whole thing was going to be put down to Jerusalem syndrome, but it’s not even mentioned! It take a long time to warm up, but the last half delivers enough to make up for it.. I know no one likes this but I really enjoy this film and hope there is more to come  8/10


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