Last Nights Movies 02.08.2017

Another crazy night but I didn’t have to babysit my sister and got down to some hardcore painting so I didn’t watch anything new but I had to watch a particular movie again, as there was a puzzling element to it but I think I’ve cracked it now, but I won’t reveal that spoiler until the Post Discussion and that will come after the full review.. but for now here’s a mini insight into my second viewing of…

Let Me Make you a Martyr (2016)

When I first settled down to this a lot of it went over my head, I was busy painting but this time I spend less time staring at my work and more time looking at the small details.. The film is so well made and from the little information I’ve read about it, it seems to be funded by the fans. Most of those fans are probably hot for Marilyn Manson who plays a “Native” American hitman, obviously it’s been slated for whitewashing but for some reason I don’t picture the character as a Native American so I’m letting this one slide. An adopted brother and sister get together and hatch a plot to kill their father, he works out what they are planning and hires  a hit man (Manson) to take them out first. The adopted duo, now young adults have a lot of their own problems, they are into drugs and mostly existing on the wrong side of the tracks but they are in love and somehow they see death as a beautiful option of release.

The film is striking; there is a heavy 70’s vibe to it, it refuses to sit comfortable in one time zone, lots of leather jackets, muscle cars and sun sets. The father () is pretty awesome as the disgruntled small town king pin, but he has a history of bad tempered characters, but is showing signs of mastering the nastiness. Manson strolls in to his scenes adding a slow paced darkness to his leisurely killing spree, in one scene he even offers a bit of folklore wisdom, but there aren’t a lot of death scenes or violence which is unusual, but cost effective.

It has this feeling of retribution and repentance, while it has interesting spiritual overtones it’s not religious at all. The ending is a bit sudden but beautifully sums up the Bonnie and Clyde couple on their last run to pure freedom. 8/10

Next on the list for the evening after adding another new postcard to the completed pile, I slapped on golden oldie..

Phantasm (1979)

This film has always puzzled me as much as it creeps me out at times, I love it’s total abandonment for any of the rules and the films ability to generate this world that revolves around creatures that I don’t think the creators fully understood…

A couple of brother are dealing with the loss of their parents but while visiting their recently deceased the youngest brother () starts noticing strange things about the impossibly tall and strange funeral director, lovely known as The Tall Man, actor (Angus Scrimm) who is unusually tall was accentuated by wearing lifts and small suits. The film sit on the line for a while, are they boys really experiencing these strange occurrences or are they just going through a period of dramatic grief? The boys uncover a sinister plot by the tall man who is killing local residents and reanimating the corpses into misshapen zombies. With the help of Reggie the local ice cream guy they fight against a pantheon of strange creatures, including evil giant mutates flies, little people in cloaks and a finger.. as well as facing off with the Tall Man who has some freaky mystical powers.

It’s from the golden age of imaginative horror,  It’s quirky enough to have a huge fanbase and cult status. It’s one of those films I pray isn’t remade because it’s brilliant as it is.



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