Last Night’s Movies 07.08.2017


The Bridge (2006) – I love ducofilms, although I don’t fully understand them, are they documentaries or are they films? Do they ever appear in the cinema? Generally I find them on DVD in bargain bins, this one I had been chasing down for years! I knew it was about the a bridge of suicides and it’s one of those things I find highly interesting (yep sick puppy here). It’s just one of those aspects of (life and) death that is rarely subject to an unbiased film. It’s a combination of bridge surveillance and interviews with the family and friends of various jumpers/ it’s actually quite eerie how seeing all these random people talking about absent friends and their only connection is through death. The major criticism is that the filmmakers filmed the bridge for an entire year, capturing every suicide and at no point did they tell the victims (?) families that they had the footage and we’re going to use it in the film. I can see how this could really fuck people up but if you distance yourself from it, it’s a deeply upsetting and poignant aspect of the film. 7/10

I was begged to see this film, apparently it’s amazing and I have to see it or face getting punched in my head.. so I watched it..

*Tonight She Comes (2016) Well after all the threats I guess it’s unusual, but damn the first half is boring as hell.. I understand a a film needs an introduction and there is a modern style of trying to relate to their young and awesome audience but the mark is missed every time. And this film constantly misfires.. A girl goes missing in the woods, two of her friend and a group of random people are “drawn” to the spot where she went missing, instead of looking for her they get drunk and start foolin around. Then the film starts to get interesting and turns into a demonic blood bath, but while it’s a zany Evil Dead it’s just not enough to save it. there’s a crazy annoying hillbilly necromancer who ends every sentence with this daughter’s name feerrllsssiiaaa but he can’t pronounce it right, and the daughter reminded me of Clarice Starling high on meth. The storyline is brilliant the execution needed to be executed. 3/10

I hope you’re happy now..

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