It stains the sands red (2016)


Day 6 – It Stains the Sands Red

Director: Colin Minihan
Starring: Brittany Allen, Juan Riedinger, Merwin Mondesir Canada. 1h 32m.

On days when I’m laid up with the flu I usually end up watching a terrible b movie while hallucinating on extreme flu remedies, it tends to make the film more enjoyable, that time I did this I watched Chemical Peel, this year I watched It Stains the Sands Red and I really enjoyed this offbeat zombie drama.
Molly, a powder sniffing pole dancer with a few daddy issues gets stranded in the desert while being hunted down by one lone unrelenting zombie. At first she enjoying keeping a few paces ahead of the foul smelling ghoul but soon she realises that the zombie doesn’t need to rest but strangely she forms a bond with it and the ordeal turns out to be therapy for the demons that have been chasing Molly all of her life.

I was about done with Zombie films, they were becoming way too regular and with little variance, instead I kept my eyes open for something offbeat and that actually tried to explore different avenues, like Wyrmwood (2014) with it’s zombie fueled cars or indie films like The Battery (2012) It has all the seeds of a hippy,  get lost in the desert to find yourself film, but the added bonus of a unrelenting undead foe. There are some crazy wide desert shots, the lazy guitar and hazy tones of Anna Calvi – Love Won’t Be Leaving, it has a very different feel than the average horror, it’s more than welcomed and seems to be a trademark from the young and inventive director Minihan, who thrilled audiences with  Grave Encounters (2011) and Extraterrestrial (2014), two more films that sit on the edge of their genres.
Minihan displays great attachment to his leading stars and crew, like Hitchcock he keeps returning to them, the results are fantastic so he really needs to keep doing whatever it is that he’s doing and maybe a decent werewolf movie next time please.  The cast is pretty small, and Brittany Allen does an excellent job as the troubled lead, Molly has her faults, possibly all of them, she discusses these with Smalls the zombie, as they strut through the desert,  and their comedy conversations add a few highlights to the movie, Molly deals with her  childhood memories and Smalls grunts along, similar to the vegetarian zombie from Day of the Dead (2008).

Sadly the film could be trimmed down by 10 or 15 minutes, and the ending could have been more electric but I will excuse this is a sequel starts from the exact moment this one ends with, but I grew to care for Molly, who turned out to be quite badass  and not your average Vegas stripper and Smalls the zombie, even if he was a smelly stalker.



Rating  7/10

R – Grave Encounters (2011), Extraterrestrial (2014), Day of the Dead (2008), The Battery (2012), 
L: Zombie Drama’s, A-Z of Zombie Films

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