13 Days of Hallowe’en Horror 2017

This year I’ve decided to do a shorter list of only 13 items  as we were (un)lucky enough to have Friday the 13th this October and I usually fail my 31 days of Horror for October 😦

lets see if 13 is my lucky number!?! I’ll keep updating this page over the next 13 days as I countdown a fairly random list of Halloween favourites with new reviews!!

Day 1 – Ginger Snaps

Day 2 – REC 4 – Apocalypse

Day 3 -The Void 

Day 4 – Seoul Station 

Day 5 – Night Caller

Day 6 – It Stains the Sands Red

Day 7 – It Comes At Night

Day 8 – Carnival of Souls

Day 9 –


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