Rampage – Capital Punishment /Rampage You End Now(2014)

Director: Uwe Boll
Starring. Brendan Fletcher, Lochlyn Munro, Mike Dopud, Michaela Mann Canada/Germany/USA. 1h 33m.

Straight after his first rampage in Oregon, Bill Williamson (Fletcher), vanishes off the grid but the actions and message is received loud and clear and his fan base is growing online. He uses the money from his previous heist to fund a new one venture to really get his message home, a second chapter, another rampage and this time he’s coming back for the media. After purchasing weapons and building bombs he shaves his head, sets his house on fire and drives to Washington where he unpacks, burns his car, breaks into a new station, killing security staff and a few employees, he gathers up their number one (asshole) anchorman (Munro) and gathers his hostages in the basement.

In his enclosed environment Bill becomes a bit more psychotic and toys with his captives, running into a relative from previous rampage and making a lotta enemies along the way. He sends out the privileged anchor with a DVD of a broadcast and offers him an exclusive live interview and then a downward spiral of bullets and explosions spirals the film to it’s closing scenes.

Uwe Boll usually clouds the bottom of the imDb 250 film list with disaster after disaster, but with Rampage he managed to get the balance right, he wrote a treatment, got a few actors with some experience under their belt and let them go.. the method worked and it looks like it worked again, even on Mr Boll himself as he features as the owner of this little network that gets skyrocketed to the top after Bill’s invasion of their premises.

It’s great to see Bill back in the driving seat, the tiny criminal mastermind knows how to be a step ahead of the authorities, no matter who they send after him, his message is honest and brutal as is his behaviour from time to time. After seeing Brendan Fletcher play the wimp in so many movies it’s a testament to his acting ability to see him pull this off again. It really does work, but there isn’t much variety, it’s nearly exactly the same as the last film, Bill at home, doing planning, launching into action, lots of shooting, magical montage showing the “how he did it” ending.

The entire movie is pretty quick paced, the jerky camera moves around following the victims as they scurry about fulfilling Bills demands, at times things slow to a halt and we get a monologue from Bill, spitting his conspiracy rhymes to his beloved audience. The message is broadly a class war, the persecution and control of the masses by the rich elite and how the average man can fight back. Sounds like something the Prodigy wrote an album about once…

It could have extended the idea further, it could have been more daring but providing you liked the original and wanted to see more of the same then you won’t be disappointed. There is a third film so maybe the energy is being saved for a grand finale. It’s watchable, but expectations are high for the third installment.



Rating 7/10

RRampage (2009), Rampage President Down (2016)

L – Terror films

A– When a film’s political message is dangerous.

5s – Uwe Boll, Brendan Fletcher

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