The Tank (2017)

Director: Kellie Madison
Starring: Marguerite Moreau, Jack Davenport, Brad William Henke, Christopher McDonald. USA. 1h 25m

This film seems to be a poor relation to the earlier inventive sci fi horror,  400 Days (2015) which is a gripping futuristic piece, in this tepid thriller, a group are left in a bunker to simulate what it’s like to travel to Mars, sadly around the time they are to be released from the confines of their bunker, they lose communication and the crew start to break down mentally but that’s the least of their worries, as the paranoia seeps in the power cuts, have they really been left underground or have they really gone to Mars?

The cast is led by Brit Jack Davenport, whose American accent required a bit more practice. Under his seasoned experience are a group of actors who are less experienced and their stumbling about in their roles is evident. The first to crack is the token who is highly religious and is convinced that they are on Mars, he take a weapon and starts attacking other members of the team, then the film gets messy and so very average as each crew member freaks out by the numbers with a different conspiracy theory.  

The mission has changed

People start to panic, tensions raise, arguments ensue and there is a random suicide after someone is outed by their own diary, it seems a little odd that they were together for so long and sending messages home to their loved one ones and suddenly they are all homicidal, but as a viewer I played along . . the stand out scene is a homemade leg amputation which was futile in its attempts to be gory but that’s not really what the tank is about. It’s evident that the feeling was supposed to be more like Das Boot (1981) in space (or not in space), but instead of sweaty Germans we just have a lot of screaming and raised hands trying to convince people to calm down.

The ending really dug a hole for itself and while it attempted to put a spiritual spin on the movie it came off a little bit flat. It’s a bit of a tried and tested film, but nothing new is attempted within this melodrama.

Rating 2/10

R: 400 Days (2015), Tank 432 (2015)
L: Isolation films, Lost in space.
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One thought on “The Tank (2017)”

  1. I watched 400 Days and then The Tank and found the movies to be almost identical – many of the scenes being the same in both movies! Very disappointing!

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