Dead Awake (2016)

Director: Phillip Guzman
Starring: Jocelin Donahue, Jesse Bradford, Lori Petty, Billy Blair,Jesse Borrego. USA. 1h 39m

The biggest selling point of this film is that it come from the makers of the FINAL DESTINATION franchise, and that’s pretty much the most impressive feature.

After the death of her identical twin sister Beth, Kate Bowman (Donahue) starts to investigate the supernatural world of Old Hag Syndrome or Sleep Paralysis, from which her sister suffered. She’s shocked to find a large number of sufferers have died in similar ways to her sister and that there is more sinister to this mystifying condition. Other professionals claim it’s heresay and irrational nonsense especially her sisters doctor, Skyes (Petti) but Kate tracks down one individual Dr. Hassan Davies (Borrego) who not only believes but who has been trying to track down the Hag and destroy her, they team up with the late Beth’s boyfriend, Evan and carry on the chase.

The film plods along by the numbers; taking a pretty scary phenomena and turning into something that you gran would laugh at. Old hag is something experienced by many people and it’s a pretty scary experience with many variations, none of them are similar to those experienced in the film which manages to blend itself into all the other horror movies, bringing nothing new or exciting to the screen.

The film is so slow and characters are plain and boring, even the more seasoned actors, Petti and Borrego don’t seem pained to even try to act. Each time the Hag appears there is a formula for how the scene will play out and the only stand out moment is the encounter with Billy Blair who plays Mr Pang, a man who has encountered the supernatural bitch and managed to keep her at bay by never sleeping again… yep just like that he’s stayed awake for years.. And without meth..

It’s a sluggish film, the only effort is to try and stay awake until the bitter end, if you really want a horrific kick, try researching the real stories, or if you’re lucky enough it will happen to you one day and you’ll get to compare it to the dumb witted b movie.

Rating  2/10

R: Fourth Kind (2009), Dreamscapes (1984), Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) House of the Devil (2009)
L: A- Z of Supernatural horror movies.
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