Robocop – the making of a martyr

When I was a youngster I had a copy of Robocop on Video, along with a lot of my friends and we all agreed that there were two scenes that we had watched frame for frame and probably wore our videos’ bald for those two scenes, not even the tracking could save them.

So the first scene was the introduction of the ED209 while it’s equally violent and to my shame I admit that it gave me nightmare when I was like 8/9 years old, but with the office atmosphere and the light surroundings and the fact it was a unreal machine handing out some death it doesn’t have the same affect …and then there was this scene.. Our new hero is still a boring human when he encounters Clarence Botkier (Kurtwood Smith) and his wayward outlaws after a robbery, Murphy (Peter Weller) and Lois (Nancy Allen) follow the gang to a dingy abandoned warehouse site and without back up they try to intercept the gang. They make the classic movie mistake of splitting up and Lois is knocked unconscious after trying to spot some dick and Murphy is attacked by the gang and ridiculed.

While Murphy gets his hand blown off and then blasted by the guns, the most impressive scene is the hand… frame for frame it was awe inspiring to see it explode like the head scene from Scanners, it’s always an unforgettable experience to see a real physical object explode and/or bleed rather than some CGI.

Murphy then has his whole arm blown off and is shot as if it’s going out of fashion until he’s finally put out of his misery by Clarence. I openly admit that when I was a tiddler I never really appreciated that the final scene just before the headshot was a animatronic model, but it’s so obvious now. The mocking and laughing as Murphy is slowly dying is just more fuel for Murphys revenge, everything is done to make us relish in their demise later on in the film.

Little did the gang or Murphy known what was going to happen next but it’s only the end of one chapter and soon the beginning of another as Murphy is about to become the pet project for Bob Morten (Miguel Ferrer) and OCP as their new law enforcer… Robocop.

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