Gong fen you xia / Pink Force Commando (1982)

Director:Yen-ping Chu
Starring Brigitte Lin, Sally Yeh. Taiwan.

An amazing twitter buddy reminded me of this movie, if you’ve got any interest in B-Movies then check out @cjzisi <-twitter and/or the blog for a treasure trove of amazing reviews of rare and obscure films. I had seen this many years ago but I have to admit that somehow it was somewhat mostly forgotten, so I dug out the old VHS and re watched it.. Damn how the hell did I manage to forget any of this!?

This film doesn’t have a specific age to it which makes it pure fantasy along side cowboys, nazi’s strange hooded feinds..possibly the KKK? Spandex wearing power rangers, swordsmen, visual kei pop kids, monks and ninjas, a girl gang of super criminals led by the stunning Jackal (Lin) have stolen a ton of gold and are held up counting their riches when the army descends on them, the girls agree to split up and meet back at the same spot in one year to split their riches but after much double crossing, Jackal escapes with all the gold and her new criminal lover.

Meanwhile the leftover girls re-form with some new members like the cowgirl Dynamite susie and return to find that Jackal and her Nazi boyfriend have built a mini Vegas, with whorehouses, casino’s and hotels, the girls seek their revenge from Jackal who tried to reform the gang to say sorry for her betrayal and chops off her own arm. But her scumbag boyfriend is after another prize, a giant diamond known as the “Oriental Star” and in his pursuit for it he shoots Jackal and leaves her for dead. She’s discovered by a man only known as “The Heartbroken Man” who replaces her missing limb with a multi kill tool, it’s a machine gun and all sorts of military swiss army goodies and she sets out for more revenge and to rescue her friends.

This films works as a great sequel to Golden Queen’s Commando (1982) and in that mind melting psychotronic way ,the story line is somewhat liner but also comes in from left field so much that it leave you spinning in a deranged circle and the concepts are one step away from any japanese film with gore or tokyo in the title. You’ll fair better if you don’t try to make sense of it and just allow yourself to drift away with the cast and into never never land.

The costumes match the overall scattered theme of the film, it feels as if all the cast were given a budget in a retro clothes fair and were told to be unique, there’s a Marlon Brando style biker, a girly commando (Jackal), a cowgirl, a burly amazon strong woman, an ice skater (!?) the list goes on.

The genres cascade throughout the movie, but ultimately it’s a western with other elements, but the story runs like an epic tv series, with a ton of changes in characters, betrayal, love wars,  treachery and tons of twists, the scatter approach makes it a little harder to fall in love with but it’s certainly fun that to blast your way through it and luckily it’s under an hour and a half but it’s amazing how much is packed in, including a huge war with Conan (1982) soundtrack.

Rating 7/10
R – Golden Queen’s Commando (1982), Riki-O (1991)
L – A-Z of Psychotronic films Vol.1.
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