Don’t Blink (2014)

Director:Travis Oates .
Starring. Brian Austin Green, Mena Suvari, Joanne Kelly, Zack Ward, USA. 1h 32m.


The overall feeling of this film is like a drawn out Creepypasta, and not one of the good ones either.

The principles is simple but the story doesn’t go anywhere, let me explain. A group of 10 friends are heading out on vacation divided into 4 cars, their destination is a small resort village in the middle of nowhere. When they arrive at the picturesque town, they are shocked to find the town is totally abandoned, despite finding this quite odd they are forced to stay as they have very little petrol and no cell phone reception.(but there’s always a signal!!) So they make the most of the resort and act like nothing is odd until one by one they begin to disappear. Because a deserted town doesn’t mean anything that you should run for your lives..

So while they are in the main lodge, cabin fever starts to set in, the uncertainty of what is going on around them and the fact they keep disappearing in the blink of an eye with no rhyme or reason sends them into panic and they begin rage, tempers fly and they fight each other while trying to work out what is going on, but without warnings or symptoms there’s not much they can do.

There’s lots of bravado and trash talking, a bit of violence here and there as fights break out and people get shot, because that’s the most rational thing to do, they never think of trying to leave on foot, instead staying the most dangerous place they know seems to be their only option. In all fairness the film is independent, but usually indie films have more story than budget, but this is lacking so much in every department.

Mr Oates debut shows that he can create a well-made film, there’s nothing wrong with the production or creation of the film, there are intelligent jump scares made from simple camera trickery, and the dynamics of some of the shots are actually designed well, but the fear factor of this horrorless horror is that you don’t know what is going on and you never find out, the horror is supposed to diverge from you making up your own scary story as to why this is happening, is it god, is the the government, is it the greys? It’s great to have an open film to add your own twisted ending to but when the disappearing is just here one second and gone the next, who cares just get the fuck out of there. If there was something to describe why it was happening even in a vague way there could be more of a creepy nature to this film and it would be a winner. Maybe seeing someone actually fading away or decaying in fiery ash or something odd left behind could have captured the imagination of the horror community. Otherwise it just seems like a Twilight Zone version of Dawson’s Creek.

They had put in some red herrings like a replica of one of the doctor who angel statues, a quick nod that could have added some spice to the film, I think I spent most of the time watching this not only trying to work out what the payoff was going to be, but also what the hell could have been done in order to make the film less boring. It runs on a strict formula, blah blah blah, cry, disappear, freak out, screaming and repeat. They don’t get deeper into the problem, they don’t work anything out, it’s just drama, mind numbing drama..

Near the end when the numbers had dwindled down and the cast were finally coming to the conclusions that being alone was the catalyst of the disappearances, they decide to make out and hope for the best, another brilliant idea, and if the “whatever” didn’t get them I was about ready to vanish them myself cos I had certainly had enough by the time.

Hopefully someone got some enjoyment out of this but I felt mighty cheated by the end of the film, because I knew the end of the film as I did when it started.. I knew people were going to disappear for an unknown reason from the trailer and guess what I still know that people disappeared for some unknown reason but I didn’t have much to make up some wild theory as to why and to be honest with no character build up I don’t care either, good for them, maybe the Flumps did it.

Rating 1/10

RThe Happening (2008)
L – Survivor Films, Films that just didn’t…, Indie horror,
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