Insane (2010)

Director: Anders Jacobsson,  Tomas Sandquist .
Starring. Lars Bethke,  Alida Morberg,  Johanna Leamo.Sweden. 1h 27m.

An unusual B Movie horror with a lot of mixed messages, generally this works as a thriller but shows a lot of imagery akin to the modern day Hostel (2005) styled torture porn but doesn’t deliver a shred of this! Such a tease!

A mild mannered concierge with a big ole soft heart who single handedly runs a wayward hotel that doesn’t see much traffic due to a new road being built, meanders his life away,  the only random faces he sees are those who have old maps and ends up at the hotel by total accident but he accommodates them the best he can.

His first guest Jenny (Morberg) is a girl who’s aware of missing girls in the area but is happy to be pampered by David (Bethke), who welcomes her to the massive modern hotel, offers to carry her bags, cooks a delightful meal, makes her cocktails and then tries to get in her room but gets rejected, later in the night she is stalked by a mysterious person in a latex outfit with a gas mask a blade and a bad attitude, she tries to evade capture and runs into David who tries to calm her down then tries to call for the police but she suspects that he’s in on the attack and makes a break for it. But she doesn’t make it, and is caught by the madman and tortured and killed.

In the second act.. another woman arrives at the hotel the adorable Sarah (Learno), meets the sensual mild mannered clerk but she’s not buying into any of his charms as she’s attached and she’s looking for her sister, she goes through all the same preferential treatment but as she has a lover the concierge/chef/hotel manager/cleaner/caretaker is shunned.. things start to get odd, he is still attempting to woe her and sets out a magical dinner for two, in the meantime Sarah calls her boyfriend to meet her at the hotel, and just in time because the mad man has returned to capture another scalp, the boyfriend arrives in time to protect his beloved from the deranged psycho killer but the pair are both soon both on the run.

I adore B movies, indie movie and low budget productions , and I understand their limitations and but this one starts to drag on, each scene is a bit too long, there are the typical untrained actor symptoms but the main actor Lars Bethke is actually really good in front of the camera. On the upside, the story is a pretty good, it’s no way a new idea, since the days of Psycho (1960) we know that we don’t trust the lone guy running the motel/hotel , but the execution was a bit on the weak side, it just wasn’t daring enough, fans don’t mind if the blood is pink or orange, but we do wanna see that you tried to thrill us. The ending is a pleasant shock as it doesn’t follow the typical happy Hollywood ending which is a brilliant bonus, and worth struggling through the movie for, you’ll soon forget the plot holes and any shoddiness and won’t question how or why this one man manages to get keep a massive hotel open with no paying customers.. Insane 2 amp up the violence and .. bring it on.

Rating 4/10

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