My favourite scene – The Witch Who came from the Sea (1976)  – Rock a bye baby

This lesser known video nasty from the mid 70’s has a small but dedicated cult following. The tagline of “Molly really knows how to cut men down to size” is a bit more descriptive of the film as Molly isn’t really a witch and doesn’t really come from the sea.

She does live and work along the seafront and gets a lot of shoddy tattoos by a scary weirdo, but after being sexually abused as a child by her grandfather she hates men and enjoys slicing and dicing them.

In most of the murder scenes within the film are you standard 70’s exploitation types, a bit of a sleazy bedroom action, a touch of bondage and out comes a razor but in this particular scene things are very different, molly tries a different tactic, she attends a party and entices the host to take her upstairs but when she tries to attack the quick witted man manages to wrestle her off (obviously a man who’s had some practice). Molly rises from the floor speaking strangely and as the scene slows down there is an otherworldly feeling about her, as if she’s in a trance or possibly transforming into something.. This is only scene where she seems unnatural and her attack changes into something more animalistic.

This isn’t the best scene in the movie, one of my favourites is when Molly is fantasizing about killing the muscle guys working out on the beach but it’s hard to find these scenes on youtube and uploading them is even harder 😦 But this scene stands out by far for it’s unusual camera techniques and it shows an even darker side to our favourite femme fatale.

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